Hybrid Flooring - What is it and why it could be perfect for your home


Hybrid flooring essentially combines laminate and vinyl flooring together to create a new look floor that is the best of both. Laminate and vinyl flooring cannot give the same impression of real timber that hybrid flooring can, thus making it a superior option.

Hybrid flooring is made of a synthetic material that is very tough and durable. They are generally made of wide and long planks that reflect the beauty of real timber and emit warmth and style within a home. Installation is easy with a click in place system that can be effortlessly installed over any existing flat surface. A reason many homeowners opt for hybrid flooring is the painless installation process that comes with this flooring type.

The biggest advantage of hybrid flooring 

Hybrid flooring types are generally moisture proof and are very durable when compared to traditional flooring as they can handle spills and damages very well. Most types of hybrid flooring are rigorously tested to be 100% waterproof and are very sturdy even for the messiest of households. 

This floor is therefore quite good for many rooms throughout the home as it is very accident proof and largely unaffected to light damages. Vinyl flooring is notoriously scratch proof, whereas hybrid can handle small scratches and other blemishes easily. This makes it perfect for kid’s rooms and playrooms as children can be very messy sometimes! They are also quite popular in other rooms like living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms because of their great feeling underfoot and overall durability.

What about cleaning?

Cleaning floors isn’t always the easiest task and being scared to damage your floor during the cleaning process is a very normal and common feeling. Hybrid flooring may be the easiest flooring option on the market to clean and maintain. To maintain cleanliness, it would be advised that regular vacuuming, sweeping or mopping to be ideal and there is no need for any additional methods such as polish or wax. The only cleaning method that is advised against for hybrid flooring is the use of steam mops as this has the potential to cause damage.

The click in place system ensures that no gaps in the flooring are present so therefore dirt and other mess cannot be trapped in between boards. Hybrid flooring looks beautiful in any home and looking clean can help any floor shine and stand out. There are many different colours and shades of floorboards that can help every home look great. 

Will a hybrid floor increase your home valuation?

Hybrid means to be composed of different elements which are the elements mainly comprising of laminate and vinyl flooring. This essentially is the combination of the best elements of 2 very popular flooring styles that have created a great new floor style. Therefore, this relatively new style of flooring can help boost your home valuation as it is a great modern option for every home.

If vinyl and laminate flooring can help increase your home’s value, then the improved hybrid flooring style should too. As it is an improved combination of laminate and vinyl floors this can realise that market value is quite high because of the elegant look and many advantages of this type of flooring. The realistic timber look is another great selling point because the wood patterns and textures make hybrid flooring look great.

Is hybrid flooring right for your home?

Choosing the perfect flooring for your home can be a very difficult and long decision. The decision will likely come down to several contributing factors. The main factors would include expected foot traffic, colours, room type, and room usage. Hybrid flooring is relatively cheap compared to some other options and is very affordable for any home. The sleek and stylish design. Speaking to hybrid flooring experts can help any homeowner decide which type of flooring can make their dream home even more perfect.

There is no right answer for one particular type of floor to be perfect for anyone’s home. It is a tough question that is hard to answer and will depend on many factors about the home and the homeowner. But careful consideration about flooring should always be present for every homeowner. This is a complex and time consuming decision with many variables that in the end is a decision that everyone coming into your home will be sure to love.

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