How to Set Up Your Home Office for Success


Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that you can organize your working hours however and you want, and the biggest disadvantage probably is that there are just too many distractions. Luckily, distractions can easily be removed by having a home office that will be a safe place dedicated to you and your work. This means that you need to decorate it in order to motivate you to work and keep you focused, but you still get to be comfortable and feel safe. That is why you often feel the need to do some redecorating and change the space a bit so it can stay fresh and keep you fresh and ready to work. So, in order to set up your home office for success, here are the most important things to pay attention to. 

Follow the Rules of Ergonomics

You will spend at least 8 hours a day in your home office, so it’s logical that you need to be comfortable and keep your body healthy and in the right position. The rules of ergonomics are simple and you should make sure to follow them in order to avoid any back and neck pain, and eye strain which will only keep you away from working and make you less motivated to work. 

The top of your screen should be at your eye level or just a little below. This rule helps your eyes naturally moisten as you are scanning down the screen, which will reduce eye fatigue and strain. The keyboard should be positioned in the way that when your arms rest on the table they are parallel to the floor. Also, your feet when you are sitting in the chair should comfortably be resting on the floor, so invest in a good chair with great lumbar support and that is adjustable so you can always sit comfortably. 

Have an Abundance of Light

Great office space has plenty of natural light, so make sure to do that in your home office. Don’t put your desk against the wall or in the darkest corner of the room. Instead, set up your desk close to the windows but make it parallel to the panes. This will provide your work station with plenty of natural light and gives you the chance to turn away from your computer screen every few minutes and look outside. 

It goes without saying that your office space needs natural light, but don’t forget about the lamps. You will need additional lighting for darker hours of the day, and it’s better to rely on lamps than overhead house lighting. Do a little research and find table lamps that will provide a soft glow to help you focus on the work, while their interesting designs can contribute to the home office decor. 

Get Creative with Storage

Just like any other office, your home one will need storage space. However, filing cabinets are really the most attractive pieces, but you still need some space for the papers, office supplies, and other necessities. This is where you can get really creative. If you have a lot of books and papers that constantly need to be in your eyesight and at your hand, you can make some great bookshelves yourself and provide personalized decor. Also, you can rely on magazine racks or display shelves for all the important knick-knacks and documents. 

Additionally, if you have a closet in your home office, you can use it for neat storage that will keep the room clean. You can simply use the shelving system of the closet and store important papers there. Plus, there is enough space for storage bins in it, if you need to keep things in them and neatly store them away from the main office space.

Add Greenery

In order for your home office to stay and feel healthy and welcoming, you will need to bring in some plants. Plus, plants make people happier and they don’t have to be watered every single minute, which is great and it means you probably don’t have to get into the office on the weekends. Also, they will provide some green colors to your office, which are thought to promote productivity and they will keep your indoor air clean and healthy. 

Do Some Personalizing 

You don’t want your home office to feel like a bland cubicle, and you should do some personalized decor in order to prevent that. You can display photos of your family and friends, but make sure to rotate them from time to time to keep the space fresh. Another great idea is hanging up some artsy posters on the walls that you really like looking at, drawings of your kids or even some inspirational quotes if you’re into that. Just remember not to overdo it with decor so you can keep the space clean and clutter-free and without any distractions. 

You will be spending hours in your home office so make sure you love how it feels and looks like. Keep it well-organized, clutter-free and add some personal things to keep you reminded of the people you love. If you stick to these rules above you are bound to have a comfortable home office where you can spend plenty of productive hours without having any trouble focusing on your work for the day.

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