How to set up a Playroom for Kids


Regardless of whether you have a spare room, you can turn into a playroom for your kids or just a part of some other room, having a space just for playing and developing all kinds of skills is important for kids. This is a good way for kids to learn to play independently and together with their siblings. 

An ideal playroom is the one that helps kids concentrate, which allows them to be creative and to use their imagination. In order to create a superb playroom for your kid(s), take a look at the following steps for the perfect playroom

  1. Give everything a place

When speaking about setting up a playroom, the organization is the key. Giving everything a place is step one in the process of organizing a playroom. That specifically means you need lots and lots of storage to keep everything in place. There are different ways of organizing all the kids’ stuff. The important thing is to make the storage accessible to children, which means that child-sized storage, shelves, and racks are the best ideas. Also, bins, boxes, and baskets with labels of what kinds of toys go where make the best way to organize all the things. So, for example in your low storage area, you can put bins filled with Legos, Duplos, dolls, cars, etc. 

If your kid is quite young, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have transparent boxes for the kid to be able to see what is at his or her disposal for playing. When you have a spot for everything, it’s easier to keep the room tidy and neat while it also teaches your kid responsibility by having to pick up the toys and put them into their place every night before dinner. 

  1. Designate a space where kids can be creative

Having space where kids can be creative is also important. It is good for developing their imagination and boosting creativity. One way you can designate this space is by incorporating a child-sized table and chairs. Next to the table, you can have a shelf with all kinds of art supplies such as all kinds and colors of papers, coloring books, crayons, markers, stickers, to name a few. Make sure you also have a space for displaying your kids’ artwork proudly on the wall. It boosts their confidence and inspires them to be even more creative and to try even harder.

  1. Provide open space for free play

A perfect playroom should also have enough open space perfect for some free play. It allows them to set up some toys that require plenty of space and to move freely. Kids enjoy playing with all kinds of building blocks such as Legos and Duplos and they also like train track designing. Both of these enjoyable activities require open floor space. There are numerous versions of Lego and Duplo building block kits, which your kid is sure to enjoy. The best thing is that you can always get them a new kit that they don’t have and it will be a toy of interest for them, surely. On the other hand, if your kids enjoy playing with trains, you can search for model railway supplies online, and make your kids’ model railway even more fun. These activities engage them and they use their motor skills as well as logic and creativity to create some amazing structures. 

  1. Add versatile toys to develop their abilities

Make sure you give your kids all the different kinds of toys they can benefit from. For example, your playroom should include age-appropriate puzzles, interactive, 3D and regular books and encyclopedias, educational games, toys such as cars, dolls, and animals, different shape sorters, model kitchen, and cooking supplies, etc. 

Children can benefit from all the toys in different ways. Experts suggest toys rotation from time to time. What does this mean? It can be overwhelming for kids to have too many things at their disposal as then they can’t decide on what to play with and they usually end up not playing at all. In order to avoid this, it is suggested that you take a half or a third of the overall toys and store them away somewhere. And when your kids get bored with the toys in their room, simply put these away and exchange them for the ones that you previously stored away. It will be exciting for them to play with something they have forgotten about and they haven’t seen in a while. 

In essence, your kids’ playroom should be simple, organized, filled with versatile toys where every toy has its spot and with enough open space for free play and expressing creativity. 

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