How To Repair a Damage Laminate Kitchen Worktop

Kitchen surfaces are the largest and possibly the most important part of any kitchen. Kitchen worktops are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to meet all aspects of design. Laminate worktops have a final surface layer that protects the internal layers from humidity, which makes laminate one of the most ideal surface to provide protection from scratches and impacts. So when the surface gets damaged, do you go and replace the whole kitchen worktop or get it repaired? Here is some advise on how to repair those unwanted scratches, chips and gouges.

What will you need?


• Toothpicks

• Contact cement

• Paintbrush

• Utility knife

• Towel

• Vacuum with hose

• Rubbing alcohol

• Laminate repair filler

• Putty knife

• Glue injector

Peeling Edge or Corner

1. Clean away any loose debris from underneath the peeling area.

2. Heat an iron to a low setting. To hot will melt and burn the work surface.

3. Press the iron on the peeling area for about 5 seconds. The heat will reactivate the contact adhesive and glue the laminate. 

4. If the laminate does not stick add a thin layer of new contact adhesive to the wood and underside of the laminate using a paintbrush.

5. Prop up the laminate using toothpicks.

6. Remove the toothpicks once the contact adhesive becomes tacky and firmly press the laminate back in place.

A Broken Section of Edging

1. With a knife, cut the broken end off so it has a straight edge. You could also sand the edge to level it out

2. Take a piece of edging from a hidden area, such as the space between the oven and the worktop if you are not able to purchase a matching colour. Remove the piece by scoring it with a utility knife, heating it with an iron to loosen the contact adhesive and snapping it off.

3. Glue that piece to the broken section by adding a thin layer of new contact adhesive to both the underside of the laminate and the wood substrate. Wait until the adhesive is tacky and press it firmly into place.

Gouges and Chips

1. Clean the gouge or chip to be patched with rubbing alcohol

2. Fill the area with matching laminate repair filler. You can purchase laminate filler at building supply stores and comes in a small, squeezable tube.

Have you got a damaged kitchen worktop, but would rather have a kitchen contractor to do the repair? You can get quotes right here.

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