How to Promote Your Hotel Renovation 


Hotel renovating jobs are all about new designs and uniqueness. People are usually curious about knowing what is coming up in the renovated building and if there are new amenities being added to the renovated hotel. In fact, such news content is meant to be written around the unique features of an on-going work. Therefore, it is very important to highlight the unique features of your hotel renovation news stories.

Further, it allows you to promote your hotel as a future destination for comfort and luxury. So hoteliers should make the most of this opportunity to promote their business online.


Devise Your Promotional Strategy

A hotel renewal news release would be as popular if written properly. Hoteliers need to either devise their own promotional strategy or hire an independent agency to undertake hotel renovation press release promotion from the start to finish.

The most important aspect of promoting such hotel news is to decide on your target audience to begin with. Every hotel has a customer acquisition plan, and when they plan to renovate the building, they usually streamline the customer acquisition process.

By deciding on a specific target audience, you can be in a better position to concentrate your promotional efforts on the right consumer segment. This process plays a critical role in your promotional success.


Hire a Professional Photographer

This is one of the most important aspects of your hotel renewal news stories development process. Pictures say a thousand words and unless you include the pictures of your ongoing renovated structures, the press release will have less impact on the audience.

Hire a professional photographer who specializes in corporate photography. Make sure the photographer takes the photos of both interior and exterior parts of the renovated building. After taking several pictures from multiple angels, decide on the best photos that represent your hotel in the most compelling and professional fashion. Use only best photographs before publishing your business story.


Decide on the Frequency of Promotion

More often than not, promotion is a matter of frequency. In other words, you need to decide on the frequency of press release strategies. An effective hotel news strategy is usually a mix of choosing the right distribution outlets, number of publications and timing of the news.

If it does not go live at the right time, it tends to be less effective than normal. Likewise, it is vital to choose the distributing outlets where you should or should not publish your hotel renovation story. There are general outlets and specialized outlets out there. However, you need to decide the best outlets where your press releases will be more visible to your target audience.


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