How To Prepare Your House For The Spring And The Upcoming Heat

Spring is upon us and with it come warm weather and clear skies. Unfortunately, with these lovely things, you also get some new responsibilities. It's important that you prepare yourself for the upcoming spring time. It's about to get a lot warmer down under and you shouldn't get caught off guard.

  1. The essentials of landscaping

It’s not yet time for you to plant seeds for various colourful plants, but it might be time to get the gardening necessities ready for spring. Your gardening tools and essentials might need some looking into. Garden hoses might have some wear and tear on them by now and you don’t want to waste too much water when you start using them again.

Make your pathways walkable again by raking away leaves that were left from the fall. Clear the leftover debris from sidewalks and plant beds. Make it clear that stray tree limbs are no longer welcome on your property! Concrete and paved areas have probably accumulated quite a bit of dirt on them. It would be a great time to get a hold of a pressure washer to do some thorough cleaning.

  1. Spring cleaning

Spring is like a fresh new start for nature. Perhaps this is why people feel the need to clean their homes when spring rolls around. There’s something about the warm weather and clear skies that inspires rejuvenation. Spring cleaning is a tradition that motivates you to finally get rid of all that dust that has been accumulating in the corner. Fireplaces won’t be needed any time soon, but they should still be given attention one last time.

It's a very good time to check out your emergency systems. Fire and smoke alarms might have batteries that need replacing. Carbon monoxide is nothing to be trifled with, which is why you should check those detectors as well.

  1. Check your air conditioner

Everyone likes the warmer months because it’s no longer a pain to go outside. You don’t have to put on four layers of clothes in order to survive going to the store. Unfortunately, the moderately warm days only last for so long. You’re going to need to turn on your air conditioner once in a while.

Since the AC unit has been standing idle for about a year, it would be a good idea to have it checked out. Mould and dust accumulate in air conditioners when they aren't in use and you don't want to breathe in these things all day.  

  1. Get ready for that blazing sun

The Australian spring is always a welcome change in pace compared to winter. The day is no longer a uniform grey that keeps us down and depressed. As the days go by, it becomes sunnier and sunnier, leading to more plant life and more chances to go out and enjoy the fresh air. Unfortunately, at some point, it gets a little bit too sunny to bear. Scorching temperatures and the harshness of the sun can get tiresome after a while. Having your tea parties on the patio can prove to be a bit difficult under the harsh rays of the sun. This might be why people consider getting outdoor sails to provide shade. There’s no reason you should get a heat stroke from the comfort of your own yard.

  1. Stop those pesky bugs from entering

Warmer weather might be pleasant, but it brings quite a few annoyances along with it. Most bugs go into a hibernation period during winter months, which means they don’t bother us all that much. Once the snow has thawed and the skies have cleared, the bugs are back at it again. Mosquitoes and flies aren’t the most welcome guests in any home. They bring with them itchiness and disease.

It might be time to set up some bug barriers on all your windows and doors. It’s one of the best ways to keep these tiny pests away from the inside of your home. Keeping doors and windows permanently closed won’t do the trick. If nothing else works, you could always get some bug spray and use it when the going gets tough.


The warmer weather brings us pretty flowers and much sunnier days. There are some minor inconveniences you have to pay attention to, but these are easily solved if you prepare just in time. If you follow some of these tips, you won’t have any issues adapting to the change of weather.

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