How to Perform a Rental Property Inspection


A rental property inspection is an easy way of tracking the condition of your property and to avoid any extensive damage. A property inspection is not linked to how your tenants are but is a general overview of the property.

The rental property inspection services give you and your tenant a proper review of the property’s condition before you plan to move in. It also sets a standard of expectations in which the property must be handed back by the tenant.

For a tenant, your building is his home and a property inspection is an easy way for you to fix any previously unfixed repairs before they move in. This promotes a healthy and positive owner-tenant relationship.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts while performing a rental home inspection:


• Give Your Tenant a Prior Notice

With strict laws protecting the renters’ legal rights during an inspection, it is essential that you legally provide a notice of the inspection beforehand. To understand your obligations towards the tenant, consult with an attorney or other legal sources.

• Encourage Your Tenant to be at Home During the Inspection

It is recommended that your tenants accept and sign all the documents while taking over and moving in your property. This allows you to justify and get the damages fixed before the lease runs out.

•Explain the Tenant the Necessity of an Inspection

Giving your tenant a proper reason for the inspection helps them to understand how it would be beneficial for them too.

• Do Not Photograph Any Personal Items

In order to preserve the privacy of your tenants, it is best not to click any pictures of their identifiable personal items. These items include their pets, pictures, computers, and other people living in the building.

• Do Not Engage in Any Blunt Confrontation with Tenants

When you notice any neglect in the way your property is being handled, it is best to address it is in writing. A verbal outrage is not professional and would not be of any help.

• Schedule Inspection a Month Prior to their Moving Out Date

It is wise to schedule a home inspection in such a way, that it falls on a date, about a month before your tenants move out. This will give your tenants enough time to fix any damages.

The sole purpose of performing a rental property inspection is to protect yourself and your assets that switch hands frequently. In case of severe repairs, you are also entitled to retain a part of or the complete security deposit from the tenant, to pay for the repairs.

Renting out a property comes with a number of potential risks like damage to the property, a number of evictions and what not. Home inspection costs are not as high as the ones you would have to bear for the damages later.

Screen your tenant well, inspect your property before and after a tenant moves, and see for yourself how the condition of your property improves!


Author Bio: Olivia Cote is a budding name in the home inspection industry. She understands the prerequisites one needs in order to successfully inspect a house. After all, it takes a lot of initial investment, so the severity of information is the key. Other than her line of the profession she is a keen reader and traveler. Her knowledge of the world is vast. As a friend, she can guide you to some of the most exquisite places around the globe. Do read her blogs for she shares her knowledge with the world.

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