How to Mix Traditional and Modern Styles When Decorating

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The best, most comfy, and most beautiful spaces mix many different styles. However, that has to be done in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your senses. Homes and rooms that layer in various styles are some of the most interesting ones, but if you overdo it, you’ll end up confused and unhappy.

The secret of the most eye-catching rooms is common ground, where all the elements find a way to get along. So, let’s take a look at how to achieve that.

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Things to forget about

“Everything has to match” – No, not everything has to match in order to be beautiful. Those who prefer minimalism should match everything, but those who have a creative spark in them should completely forget about this assertion. Matching is absolutely not essential and can even be downright dull.

“Having lots of little accessories is good” – Absolutely not. If you want to end up living in a cluttered space, then feel free to fill your room with those small things that’ll just sit there collecting dust. Otherwise, keep it simple.

“Designers know best” – They don’t. You do. You’ll be living in your room, not them. Your room should be a place where you feel comfortable and safe.

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As it has been mentioned, you don’t have to match everything, however, you shouldn't use too many colors either. They can be distractive and make each piece of furniture in your room feel like it was just put there because you didn’t know what else to do with it.

Repeat the same colors throughout the space to really bring items together and make the room look more cohesive.

When it comes to picking the right color for your room, don’t worry, it’s not exactly rocket science. Just select a color that’ll make your heart beat like when you’re in love, and you’re set.

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Mind the scale

Your grandfather’s old chair probably won’t fit well next to a huge, overstuffed chair, so try to keep the size of your décor in the same realm. If something doesn’t fit, simply put it in another room where it fits better.

Mixing old furniture and chairs is much easier if they’re the same color or size, so don’t be afraid to paint them. It’s not difficult, you can even do it yourself.

Everybody needs a friend

Giving your piece of furniture a friend that shares similar traits will do wonders for your room. Do the same for artwork and décor. You don’t want any single piece just hanging around. Give that piece a friend unless you want it to look like that one odd girl from high school.

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If you want to mix styles like a pro, then you need to look for pieces of furniture that have similar shapes. For example, if the chair that you like or already have has rounded arms, combine it only with similar chairs.

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If one side of your room is mid-century, and the other side is minimalistic, that’s not a good approach to mixing. The sudden difference is too overwhelming. Try to distribute multiple styles across the room and connect them with beautiful floor rugs or small pieces of furniture.

Commit to a vibe, not style

Committing to a certain vibe or feel can give you a lot of leeway in the future since you’ll probably want to add more furniture or artwork in the room. Pick a vibe that suits you, and stick to it.

Tip: Earthy and natural materials fit almost any style or vibe, so you can’t go wrong with them.

Whatever you do, remember that rules for decorating and designing are not set in stone. What works in most spaces might not work in yours, so always keep an open mind. Bend or break the rules if something starts to look pleasing to your eye. Your room and your home belong to you, so don’t be afraid to experiment!


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