How to Make a Large Space Feel More Comfortable

Most people long to have more space when trying to decorate. However, large rooms have some of their own issues that can be fixed with the right interior design suggestions. Here are some suggestions to help you fill a large room and make it more comfortable in the process.

Paint Walls With Two Different Shades

Large rooms have a tendency to feel empty if you don’t do much to the walls. In order to bring all of the elements of the room together to make the room feel cosier, consider painting your walls with two different shades of paint. Each of the paint shades can be completely different, however complementary shades are best. By putting a specific colour on only a portion of the wall and opting for the other colour for the rest, the room will feel cosier. This also works well for rooms that have high ceilings because they will make the ceilings feel lower.

Use Room Dividers

Large spaces can be difficult to decorate especially if you want the room to serve multiple purposes. If you plan to divide up your room for multiple functionalities, use room dividers. Room dividers come in a variety of shapes and sizes from the basic free-standing room divider to large shelving and bookcase arrangements. If the intent is to divide a large room so that the sections are nearly completely separate, opt for a large shelving room divider.

Don’t Leave the Walls Empty

In a large room it is important to use up as much of the space as possible. This means that any large walls should never be left bare. By filling the empty walls, you will make the room feel cosier and a lot less huge. A few ideas for items that you can add to the wall include a tapestry, custom wall paper or wall art, maybe even a feature wall. All of these items should be selected carefully so that they fill at least most of the wall.

If you trying to figure out what size item to purchase, you should use the shape of the wall for guidance. If the wall is long and narrow, then consider purchasing a piece of art that has roughly the same dimensions.


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