How to Leverage your Outdoor Space


Our outdoor spaces are often reserved for hosting parties, playing with the dogs or relaxing in the garden, though there are a few things you can do to make your outdoor space a lot more fun. Whether it’s improving versatility, generating energy or making the backyard a bit more fun, there are a whole range of things you can do to leverage your outdoor space.

We’ve outlined a few awesome ways below that you can leverage your outdoor space to make your life easier, more exciting and even to save you some money!

Collect Rainwater

We’ll start this one off with a disclaimer: depending on where you live in Australia, the collection of water may be against regulations, so be sure to check with local guidelines first.

To a lot of people, reducing their reliance on mains water is very important. This could be because of water restrictions, high costs or issues relating to cleaning chemicals. One of the best ways to sidestep around mains water is to have a rainwater tank installed in the garden, or underneath the backyard. This way, whenever it rains, you’ll be saving the water for use in the home!

You’ll likely have to rely on a water tank installation team here, however, once installed you’ll be able to drastically cut back on your reliance on mains water in wetter months which will also give you a way to save money on your water bill.

Install Ground-mounted Solar Panels

There’s a good chance you’re already aware of rooftop solar panels, but these aren’t the only option available to you. If you’re looking to leverage the outdoor spaces available to you, then ground-mounted solar panels are just about as good as it gets. Like their rooftop counterparts, they’ll be in the sun all day and generating power to batteries - if you’ve chosen to purchase an inverter and batteries.

When searching for panels for your outdoor spaces, you should opt for the most practical and versatile options first. This will allow you to test the waters so to speak and let you determine where best to install permanent solar panels. Camping retailers like Outbax Camping have a great array of solar panels on sale and these are perfectly suited for placement in your backyard.

Additionally, installing solar panels in your backyard or on an open patio will give you free electricity to power outdoor appliances and lighting. Essentially, you’ll have a free power source for those must-have outdoor items that don’t have access to a power outlet.

Plant a Food Garden

This might not be the first idea that comes to mind when leveraging your outdoor space, but it is still a fantastic way to better utilise an open outdoor area. Whether it’s an above ground garden or one that you’ve dug out in the yard, it’ll be able to produce great fruits and vegetables for yourself and your family - for free!

Consider starting off with the easier-to-grow plants like peas, lettuce, broccoli and tomatoes as these aren’t going to die as easily, and they’re also the most likely foods to find their way into your meals at dinner and lunch.

Create a Party Space

If you’re a proud party host for friend and family get-togethers, then let your outdoor spaces do the heavy lifting for you. Reroute everyone from the kitchen to an outdoor space specifically designed for hosting!

Take the time to plan the essential areas: the food prep space, an entertaining area, and a dining area. With these planned, move on to having the essentials installed. You might want to consider an outdoor fridge, outdoor kitchen, and a new outdoor setting. They’ll be perfect for when friends and family come to visit.

A good pointer here is to always make sure there’s somewhere for people to hang out, other than inside the house. If you’re having a pool party, the last thing you want is five or ten of your closest friends and family members tracking mud into the living room or kitchen. Ensure you have space to set up plenty of food and snacks outside and also include smartphone chargers. Finally, a TV or music player is essential so your invitees won’t have to go inside for the rest of the fun.

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