How to Know What’s Wrong with Your Roof

Our homes all go through gradual wear and tear, especially on the exterior. Those issues can be hard to spot, however, and missing early signs can lead to some nasty home problems.

A faulty roof can be especially challenging. Your roof is connected to the joists and foundation of your home, and any issues outside can lead to disastrous results. That’s why it’s essential to catch roofing problems early and mitigate the damage. But how can you spot the problem and trace it back to your roof?

Yellowing on Interior Walls

A problem that's very simple to diagnose is yellowing on your interior walls and ceilings. That discoloration is usually a sign of moisture leaking into your walls, either from pipes or from your roof.

To figure out the source, visiting your attic is generally a good place to start. Leaks can start higher up on the roof and drain down, so try to pinpoint where the leak is in the home and look above that location on the roof for any issues. If shingles are worn down, raised up, or cracked, they can let water in. Leaks around chimneys are common as well.

Curled Shingles

Shingles can curl over time as they’re exposed to the elements, but they can also curl prematurely. When your roof suffers from poor ventilation, the heat inside the home can result in the same issue.

These shingles must be replaced, but they also require identifying the original cause that made them deform. And unfortunately, that’s the sort of issue that will require an expert’s diagnosis. With that said, curling shingles are a problem you’ll want to spot early before they can lead to significant damage.

Clogged Rooftop Gutters

The gutters that line your rooftop's edge play a critical role in its health. The gutters capture water and funnel it away from your property. When they become clogged, they can endanger the edge of your rooftop. A roof isn’t meant to withstand standing water, and a clogged gutter can force water and debris back up onto your roof.

Try to inspect your gutters on a regular basis and clean them once you see clumped debris. Your gutters’ health ensure the health of your roof so be sure to repair them whenever necessary.

Sagging Rooftop

Sagging occurs when the plywood below the shingles is becoming deformed. This can occur from moisture or improper installation, but it’s not the sort of problem that you can diagnose until it’s nearly too late.

A good way to protect yourself from a sagging rooftop is to inspect your roof on a regular basis. Certain angles can make it tough to spot, so take a lap around your home and looking for any indentions you might find. A professional will have to replace the affected areas and lay new shingles over top.

Missing Materials

Severe weather can dispatch parts of your roof over time, and it can be difficult to spot if you’re not looking for it. For example, debris can slice off a portion of a shingle or loosen them entirely.

Every shingle and underlayment section must be in place to protect your home from damage. Don't overlook even a small section being uncovered because water can easily find a way under those materials. The potential damages will always be more expensive to fix compared to preventive maintenance.

Flashing Issues

Along the edges of your rooftop and obstructions like chimneys and pipes are metal liners called roof flashing. They create protective barriers between these transition points and protect against places that are highly susceptible to leaks.

Flashing can become warped or damaged is severe weather; and since they protect the easiest places on your roof for water to enter, you’ll want to keep an eye on your flashing after every storm.

If you suspect an issue with your roofing, contact professionals and get the issue taken care of before it can really hurt your wallet. Roofing leaks and issues can turn into major problems if they’re not addressed quickly. By staying on top of problem areas as they arise, you can keep your roof healthy for decades.

Alex Briggs is a contributing author for 5Ash Roofing.

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