How to Identify Your Personal Decorating Style


When you walk into your apartment or home, you want to feel like it fits you. If you’re artsy, you want the right colors and style that will show off who you are. If you’re a bookworm, you might want bookshelves on every wall. Whatever your personal style is, you want to feel comfortable in your home. So, for those people who struggle to define their style, here are some home decor tips that will help you to create the perfect home.

1. Take a Slow Walk Through Your Home

The first thing that you should do to is take a walk through each individual room in your home. Notice the things that bring you joy and the things that frustrate you. Make a note of the things that you know that you love and the things that you don’t care as much about. What stands out and catches your attention? What do your walls tell you? Are they too plain or are they painted a color you that you love? Then look at the particular items in each room and go through a similar array of questions. What do you think your home says about you now? Does it fit with your personality and personal image towards life? Have you carefully collected items over the years? Or, are have you simply been filling empty space? Do any items have significant meaning to you and your family? After you’ve walked through your home piece by piece, decide on the things that you’re keeping and get rid of the things that you don’t actually need. You’ll free up space and feel better about the home already.

2. Use Your Interest and Hobbies to Decorate

Are you artsy? Are you a businesswoman? Who are you? If you’re an avid reader, you should display all the books you’ve collected and read over the years. You could also make a wall in your home dedicated to your large collection of photographs that you’ve collected over the years. If you love the wintertime, add in a beautiful fireplace gas powered, of course, to perfect the theme that you’re trying to accomplish. Or, think about the recent trips that you’ve gone on. If you’ve gone anywhere overseas, think about decorating your home in that theme. If you love the beach, go for a beach theme for your home. Think about the colors and textures and styles of the places you love. They say a lot about your personality and should translate easily into your decor.

3. Imagine Your Dream Home

For a quick, simple moment imagine what your dream home would look like. Don’t worry about how much it would cost you, just think about the styles, the colors, the decor that you would have. What types of things would you put into your dream home? Think about the finer details and then emulate the things that you can have. If you can manage to spend a little, consider remodeling or redoing your home to make it look a little more like your dream home. You would also be surprised to find that a lot of “fancy” furniture and styles can often be found at a much more reasonable price if you’re willing to look for it. Better yet, create it. Try DIY to create the styles that are in your dream home. If you’re able to make it on your home, you’ll feel more attached to your home since you handmade the majority of things in it.


If you can’t seem to decide on one particular style, then feel free to combine the styles. The thing about this being your home is that it’s you’re home. You don’t have to live by one style if you don’t want to. IF mixing styles and colors makes you happy then do it! Let your creative styles run wild and let your personality really show in the way that you decorate your home.

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