How To Go Through The Process Of Bathroom Renovations?

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Usually, bathroom renovations are only done when the tiles are losing shape, the plaster of the wall is crumbling, taps are dribbling, and windows are not working properly. But that’s not the best approach to go. You can even renovate your bathroom if you want to give it a new look. The best thing is that if planned properly, a bathroom renovation won’t cost a fortune. So, if you have made up your mind to change these things, but you are stuck in which direction to go, then guys, keep aside the trends and follow your guts. Here we have provided some steps in bathroom renovations, and what are the things which really need to be changed to convert your bathroom from a dull looking to an amazing one. Just have a look at the steps involved.

The 10 steps for a bathroom renovation

  1. The first and foremost thing in bathroom renovations is the plan, like what things you are going to do and how you want the bathroom to look like after the renovation. Don’t forget to set a budget and keep everything within the limits. For planning, you can even take the help of a professional renovator. They will give you good advice regarding what are the available options and which one to go for as per your budget and requirements.

  2. Change all the pipes, water valves, sink, bathtub, and toilet. Changing all these can cost you a little bit more, but it will be worth for you. This is because bathroom renovations are not done every couple of years, and if you are going for one, get everything done now. Otherwise, you may have to replace them soon. But before doing these, hire the best renovator of your area, because you can’t do these things by yourself. Before going to do these things, arrange a backup bathroom because the plumber will require a few days’ time to install these materials.

Modern bathroom with marble tiles

  1. Get rid of the things that you will replace, like faucets, towels, rods, and old tubs. The less clutter you have in your bathroom, the easier your renovation will be. You can leave those old things outside the home so that it can be picked up and disposed of.

  2. Select a good quality paint that is soothing and trendy to look at. Start painting and be sure to let each layer dry up completely before adding another. You don’t have to wait much to paint another layer, because quality paint takes 1-2 hours to dry and become sticky to the plaster.

  3. Add porcelain tiles to the floor and to the wall once the paint has dried. Why porcelain tiles? Because it is the type of tiles that are mold-free and do not hold water, which in turn protects the user from slipping in the bathroom. This also includes the backlash tiles behind the sink.

  4. Choose any toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, taps, and other fixtures, which you want to install according to your budget. You will mostly need to hire a professional plumber to install these, especially the bathtub, toilet, and taps. Don’t forget to check the edges of the floor and toilet, so that water does not seep through the edges, because inside them water can cause mildew.

  5. Install new medicine cabinet, stylish shelves, and towel rods. You can fix them wherever you want in your bathroom, but it should easily reachable. For instance, you can fix the towel rods in the bathroom door, and place the toilet paper roll in front of the toilet. By doing these, you can create a space to install other things. as well.

bathroom with cream wall tiles

  1. Make sure you have adequate lighting and proper ventilation in your bathroom because poor ventilation can lead to mold, decay, and bad smells. Installation of at least 3-watt artificial LED bulbs will be sufficient, but before that, try to take maximum advantage of natural light coming inside your bathroom. For this, consider installing a window in your bathroom.

  2. Add something metallic and try to use fake plants, like you can add a dash of metallic which will make your bathroom a little fancier and more polished. Using artificial plants can also make your bathroom pretty attractive.

  3. When you are finished with bathroom renovations, remove all leftovers, including painter’s tape, plastics, and paint boxes. Clean the dust and paint from the floor to make your bathroom looks better and give it a nice finishing touch.

These are the steps that you can follow during your bathroom renovations. However, keep these points in mind to make proper planning with the designer and the plumber who is going to handle the project.


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