How To Find A Reliable Eco-Contractor 

Extreme weather events around the world have led to a 7% drop in property prices for locations at-risk from climate change. Climate change is having a direct impact on homes, and global housing prices, as the effects of greenhouse gas reach troubling levels around the globe. Potential buyers now have to consider a wealth of new elements when they’re in the process of a new home purchase. Part of the concern in buying or upgrading a home arises from finding a reliable contractor. No two homes are the same, meaning that no two construction projects are the same. This makes it incredibly difficult to predict how any significant contractor work will go. However, finding an eco-friendly contractor, one with the skillset to upgrade your home is much easier than you’d think - you just have to know what questions to ask, and what you want. So, what defines an eco-friendly home? 

Clever green tech

Any eco-friendly contractor with a history in the industry knows that upgrading a home to fit with the modern developments in climate science is not as complicated as it sounds. Green technology, like Smart Meters, energy-saving light bulbs, and solar panels should be the first place your contractor assumes to start. Smart meters and energy saving light bulbs are designed to help reduce energy waste in your water systems, while solar panels can cut your electricity bills to basically zero. If your prospective contractor is truly eco-friendly, they will be more than aware of all the clever tech your home requires. 

Environmentally friendly installations 

Upgrading your home’s insulation, and adding new features like underfloor heating are both incredibly eco-friendly, and are a lot easier to do than you might imagine. Underfloor heating, for example, sounds like an expensive add-on to any home, but in reality, it is a very simple way to update older properties to fit with green compliance, and add to your property value if selling. Similarly, double-glazing installation can now be made to look in-keeping with older properties. Wooden window frames are actually significantly more environmentally-friendly than plastic. 

What should your contractor know? 

As well as the information provided above, a true eco-friendly contractor should be a local to your area. Climate change is unique to the individual location, meaning that each home still needs locally-sourced products, as well as the knowledge that comes with being a local. Travel miles contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. To find the best contractor for your home, try searching for recommendations online, and make sure you ask questions about inside and outside your home before signing any contracts. The best contractors will have built eco-friendly homes from scratch, along with upgrading older homes, so look for specialized teams. 

It is also important that your contractor - whether they’re local or not - know the climate around your home. Each jurisdiction hosts a different weather pattern, geological and geographical phenomena, and could be at risk of the impacts of climate change within the next decade. You can easily beat the falling house prices by upgrading your home to the latest in green tech, just make sure you get a contractor who can ensure your home is as eco-friendly as it deserves to be. 

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