How to Design Your Ideal Bathroom

There are countless luxurious bathroom designs advertised online and in home decor magazines. However, the ideal bathroom for every house has little to do with sheer opulence but rather functionality. The ideal bathroom layout and furnishing should reflect your lifestyle and meet every sanitary and leisure need of your family.

Take down ugly-looking shower curtains

Although they are cheap, shower curtains aren’t very hygienic. Namely, the cheap plastic they are made from is an open invitation for germs and mold that accumulate on the curtain after each shower (a common occurrence in poorly-ventilated bathrooms).

The time has come to take down the moldy shower curtain and replaced it with a glass door. Not will a glass door add a touch of elegance to the water room but you will no longer have to swipe the floors after each shower. For larger bathrooms, you can consider installing an entire glass wall.

Bathtubs aren’t all that bad

Homeowners’ age-old dilemma whether to install a walk-in shower or a bathtub is easily resolved: install whichever fixture works for you the best. If you have small children and a spacious bathroom, then a bathtub is a natural choice. Position it in the middle of the room to act as a statement piece that will grab everyone’s attention.

Creative storage units

If your house ever goes up for sale, the first thing potential buyers are going to look for inside the bathroom is storage space. A cabinet over the sink is not enough, as you need to be creative when it comes to adding extra storage space.

Firstly, you can add a small cupboard under the sink, ideal for storing cleaning solutions. The aforementioned cabinets can be extended all the way to the ceiling and new transparent doors can be mounted for a more luxurious look.

Whether it’s a row of cabinets or a woven basket, make sure that all storage units in the bathroom have a door or a lid to protect the contents from water damage. The same goes for power sockets and switches that should come with a watertight plastic or Bakelite cover.

Factor in the Bathroom’s Drainage

Imagine a well-designed bathroom straight out of the pages of AD and an eyesore of a drainage in the shower area! A lot of homeowners now want to get drainage solutions for the shower area that not only look good but are also highly functional in nature. This helps in keeping the bathroom clean, allows for easy drainage of water, and does not require homeowners to install those horrendous looking drainage grills on the floor of their bathrooms. To know more about this, please visit website.


The Devil is in the details, and nowhere is this truer than in the bathroom. From choosing the color and the texture of the soap holder to selecting the right toilet brush, you need to accessorize the bathroom. Good-quality washroom equipment such as hand dryers adds a touch of luxury to the bathroom. Chromed platted segments make the whole room appear more expensive than it really is; making you feel like a lord while taking a bubble bath.

Palette consisting of two colors

You can paint the bathroom in whichever colors you like. However, we recommend using only two shades: one for the walls and the other for the ceiling. This can be two shade of a single color, as the walls can be light green, while the ceiling is dark green, for example. Apart from the standard pastel colors, you can use silver, rose, or gold for a touch of elegance.

Soften the textures

When you come to think of it, most surfaces in a typical bathroom are “hard,” consisting of stone and ceramic tiles. Softening the textures inside the bathroom involves dressing the windows with shades, curtains, or blinds. These accessories should blend in with the color palette of the bathroom. Additionally, they will increase privacy and act as sound buffers.

There is more than one type of floor tiles

We associate floor tiles with a water room to the point that’s it’s impossible to envision any other alternative. Ceramic tiles, when laid down and grouted correctly, are 100% waterproof. Modern tiles are slip-resistant as well, with minuscule indentations on their surface.

Of course, you can always increase traction by adding an anti-slip mat, used in kitchen spaces as well. The last thing you want is to become part of the bleak statistics of freak toilet-related accidents.

Small bathroom: Big tiles

Typically, bathrooms in apartments are rather cramped. Luckily, there is a trick ho to make any water room appear bigger. Instead of opting for standard-sized floor and wall tiles, choose bigger tiles or an irregular shape, such as a hexagon or an octagon. On the other size, tiny, mosaic-like tiles are ideal for large, stately water rooms found in mansions.

More than one light fixture

Speaking of making the bathroom appear bigger, you can use lighting levels at night to accentuate the bathroom. Namely, installing wall scones on both sides over the vanity mirror will make the ceiling appear higher.

In fact, the more sources of light in the bathroom, the better. A large vanity mirror can be ornamented using an LED strip to make you feel like a movie star when applying makeup or trimming your beard. Multicolored LEDs can be used for ambient lighting well.

As you have seen from 9 points we’ve made above, designing your dream bathroom is more than affordable. Think of the features, such as a chromed hand dryer, you have always wanted in your water room and install them one by one. 

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