How to Design a Pet-Friendly Home


Animals make wonderful furry friends and fur-kids, but they aren't necessarily designed to live indoors because of their natural proclivity to urinate, chew on things, find their food, sleep and play outdoors. Of course, they can be house-broken and otherwise trained, but extra measures should be taken to puppy, kitty and bird-proof your home.


Feeding animals can get messy, but there is a way around this. If you have birds, cage skirts can help a little, but they're not foolproof. It's wise to keep their cages over hard flooring for easy sweeping. Various products on the market make it easier to pick up debris. Boot mud trays and mats can be placed under bowls to help catch food and water, which can be washed and rinsed at a later point. Fabric table placemats are also useful, and you can put these into the washer machine for easy clean-up.


Animals need regular exercise, and small animals are naturally inclined to play. Playing with pets is fun, and it can make you laugh. You'll need to protect your home for playing. It's a good idea to keep scratch posts, boxes, toys and tied rags out to play with kitties and puppies. Don't forget that birds like to play too. You can get them toys, but you can also create a place to perch. Place small treats that are suitable for your breed of bird on their perch. If you have larger animals and live in an apartment or condo, you can get interlocking foam mats to help buffer the sound of romping around. However, if you have a small puppy, they'll want to chew on these. Investing in thicker rugs might be a good option for smaller animals. Be sure to make a doggy or kitty door for your pet-friend to come in and go as they please.


With animals, you're bound to have an accident every now and then. Certain types of hard flooring are more suitable for repelling urine, such as tile, polished cement and floors coated with an epoxy paint, but urine can cause problems for hardwood flooring if it's not promptly cleaned. It's a good idea to seal your hardwood flooring to protect your floor from liquids, but it also helps to protect your floor from scratches that can occur from claws. If you have carpet, you might want to look into professional cleaning. Try searching "best carpet cleaning company near me" to compare prices of local companies. At-home methods of carpet cleaning often leave carpet padding and carpet fibers dirty with excessive amounts of water that can later cause mold and water damage issues. Also, you want a company that will use methods of carpet cleaning that won't cause issues for your pets or kids.


Baby animals love to chew on things, so it's a good idea to opt for furniture that is dent-resistant. However, you can also use furniture protectors and corner covers to protect furniture from being directly chewed on. Couch covers will also help keep the couch clean from dirt, spills and fur. You can also use sprays to help deter animals from chewing on your furniture, but small animals need toys to chew on.


Pet beds are wonderful, but you have other options to explore. You could use anything designed for a baby, such as a co-sleeper or bassinet. However, you can place their bed on yours if you have a large enough surface to fit both of you. You can also place a throw on the end of the bed for them to sleep. Rubber rakes are useful at removing hair.

Animals can make some of the greatest companions. Their endless love, companionship and excitement makes everyone happy. It's no wonder you don't mind the extra mess. They're well worth it.

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