How to Decorated a Shared Bedroom for Children

If you are decorating a bedroom for your children to share, it can be even more difficult because you are trying to keep more than one child happy. Here are 4 tips on how to create a shared bedroom design that everyone will be happy with.

1. Divide the Space

If your children have different tastes, dividing the space up can help to create a bedroom area that meets the needs of each child. A room divider such as a bookshelf can help to create a divided space. In addition, if your children are older, you can consider adding a curtain so that each child as a bit of privacy. Dividing up the space can help your children to feel as if each has his or her own room.

2. Keep the Colour Scheme Neutral

By keeping the colour scheme neutral, you can help to create to create a room that looks more uniform even if the design elements are customised to your children's tastes. By going with a neutral colour scheme for the furniture and walls, the room won't look strange because of brightly coloured decorative items.

3. Invest in Storage

Designing a room that meets the needs of multiple children can be made easier by investing in storage. Innovative storage solutions such as under the bed storage and wardrobes can free up floor space which will make the room seem larger. Having these storage items available will also make keeping the room clutter free easier as your children actually have a place to put their things when you tell them to clean their room.

4. Let Your Children Work Together

It can be a lot easier to find some decorative items that your children are happy with if you let them work together. This way they can choose items that they will both be happy to have in their room. If one child has different tastes than the other child, try to help them to decide on some room elements that they can both agree to while allowing them to add a personal touch to side of the room that is theirs.

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