How To Deal With Water Seepage Problems

If you are experiencing water seepage in your home, you should act right away. Water seepage is different from a leak due to the fact that water is seeping in from outside of the home. That means that there are no cracks in the walls but there are spaces and pockets of air, which can allow rainwater to enter your home. Although water seepage does not cause you to have higher bills, it can result in many problems. Here are 3 tips to help you deal with water seepage.

1. Find the Source of the Problem

Water seepage is common in areas that are damp and moist. If you plan to keep your valuables in a storage area in your basement, you need to be on the lookout when it rains for puddles in your basement. If you see water appear suddenly but you can't figure out where it came from, it is very likely that the problem is due to water seepage.

2. Water Seepage Causes

Water seepage can be due to a variety of issues so if you are unsure what caused it, then first look at your water bills. If there was a burst pipe in your house, then look there first as this could actually be the source of the problem. You also want to check your roof for water build-up. If it has rained heavily in your area, then you cold be dealing with rainwater that has entered your home.

3. Look At Water Bills

If you are unsure as to whether or not there is water seepage, you can also look at your monthly water bills. A sudden, large increase in the amount of water usage could mean that there is a pipe leakage. You can also check to see if your neighbours are experiencing similar problems. If they are, then you should report the water seepage to the building's management.

A professional plumber should be hired in order to determine the true source of the problem so that it doesn't occur again. A plumber can also help you to avoid issues with mould later on as the high water levels persist.

If you need help with water seepage in your home, a professional plumber can help. Click here to request estimates from Singapore plumbers today.

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