How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for You

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Whether you are building a home or moving into one that is built already, make sure that the setup of your next home will work for you. Your needs when it comes to the floor plan of a home are unique to you, and you need to figure out what you can and cannot tolerate when it comes to home floor plans. Know what makes one floor plan work better for you than the others, and know what issues you will face with certain floor plans.

Evaluate Current Floor Plan

Before you can figure out what you want your new floor plan to look like, you have to figure out if you like your current floor plan. You need to think about the setup that you have in your home right now and figure out what parts of it you don't like. Think about ways that your current home could be made better if the floor plan was just tweaked a bit.

Consider Noise 

If you are going to be setting up an office in your new home, you probably want to set that up far from your child's bedroom so that noise is not an issue for you while you are working. If you get easily bothered by noise, you probably want your laundry room to be set apart from the rooms in the home where you will go to relax.


If you get tired walking up a single set of stairs or have an injury that makes it hard for you to climb stairs, you probably want your home to be set up on a single level. If you like the way that stairs and a multi-level home give you different areas where you can spend time and where your family members can go to get away from one another, you might choose a multi-level house. You need to consider both your needs and wants when deciding whether stairs are right for you.

Flex Rooms

You might not have ever thought that you would look for a home with a bonus room, but know that a flex room can offer you a lot. You can use the space that a bonus room offers to set up a spot where you can work out, turn it into a movie room, or you can create a room where you can focus on crafting or another hobby. A flex room can offer a lot, and it is a nice luxury that you should think about looking for when considering home floor plans.

Open Floor Plan?

Some people prefer to move into a home where the kitchen is open to other living spaces. Some people like the privacy that more walls provide. Open floor plans are common in newer homes while older homes tend to have more individual rooms. If you find an older house that you love, there are also ways that you can open up the floor plan


It is important for you to know how many bedrooms you want to find on the main floor of the home that you end up purchasing. Think about the bedrooms that you will use for your family members and also those that you will use for guests. Think about the location of the different bedrooms and how close or far away from your children you would like to have your master bedroom be set up. If you want an upstairs area, think about how many bedrooms you want available on each floor before you begin looking.


Bathrooms are another essential aspect of choosing the right floor plan for you. Not only how many bathrooms you want and need, but also where these bathrooms should be located should also be taken into consideration.


Your entryway is often your home's first impression to visitors. The area that you come into when you step through the front door of your new home should be a space that you like. You should figure out what type of floor plan works best for you when it comes to the entryway setup and which rooms are located at the front of the home. Make sure the plan you want has an entryway that both makes sense for your utility needs and is something you can be proud of when you have visitors. 

You and your family can get into a home with a floor plan that you will love. Choose your next home based off the floor plan that meets both your needs and wants.

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