How to Bring Back the Glow to Your Old House


Every house owner will tell you that it can be a handful. It needs constant maintenance and more repairs than the apartment. However, having a house with garden and yard, no one to disturb if you jump on the floors or to worry if the walls are too thin is priceless. Therefore, it comes as a no surprise that people choose to move to houses and even put in some heavy work to make them livable again.

Old houses have their charm and architecture can sometimes astound you. Nevertheless, they will also require some renovating and construction work before you move in. It’s always the biggest problem to know where to start from, so here are some suggestion what to focus on.

1. Less creative more practical things first

When it comes to old houses, it’s all about the safety. This means that you should hire a local expert to check your house. Sydney roof restoration experts will advise you to examine the structural integrity of your house and prevent avoidable problems that can occur in future. They will tell you about the repairs you have to do and suggest solutions to avoid extra expenses. Cracks in the walls, holes in the roof and bad insulation are all dangerous for the structure and create further decay.

Additionally, an electrician will examine the installations, power supply and check if everything is connected properly without being a fire hazard. A plumber will make the list of repairs needed for the sewer and water supply system, while an architect can give you pointers on renovations and possible useful changes to the building. You should perform these actions before choosing a new design and hiring workers since it will make sure that the living under that roof is safe.

2. Create a budget

Now that you know the estimate of the necessary repairs, meet with the team that will help you bring the glow to your old house. Ask them to tell you the cost of renovation of each part of the house, since that way you can decide what to do now and what to leave for later. This is very important if you work with the tight budget.

Also, some DIY projects will be a great thing to do with your family, or invite friends and have fun while renovating your house. Look at the materials for the home and don’t choose one vendor, but look for the price and quality that will last. Once you know your budget, the renovations can begin.

3. Declutter and clean up

Cleaning up before the renovations is a great idea since it will declutter the space and help you realize what you can sell or throw away. Use the money from the yard or online sales of your unwanted things to enhance your budget. After you remove the stuff from the house, you will have a clear picture of the space and be able to work on the interior design ideas. Additionally, it will help works to move without obstructions and damage to the furniture.

4. Vintage – leave it, old – lose it

There is a fine difference between vintage and old, but sometimes it's so obvious that anyone can see it. If your home has some vintage features, like a cast iron fence with ornaments, Victorian exterior design or lampposts in the yard, leave them. Vintage decorations will give appeal to your home even if you pair them with contemporary styles. However, if the wooden floor on the porch started to rot and the beams have black spots on them, it's time for a makeover.

5. Exterior details to freshen up the house

Besides the colour of your façade, you can do more in choosing materials and adding practical elements. The slate roof is a wonderful way to create natural and safe roofing at the same time, which will go well with brick, stone or coloured façade. Add shutters if you want a rustic design or big flowery garden for a cottage-like home.

Doors could complement the windows, or they can be a centrepiece of your house with different style and vivid colour. A patio is perfect to spend times in summer, and if you make it part of the interior it will also serve as a nice spot to drink warm beverage during winter.

In the end

Old can be a good thing when it comes to some houses. It all depends on their foundation, materials used for the construction and the current shape of the structure. From then on, you can start your journey to create a comfortable and livable environment which will return to glow to the old house.  

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