How to Beautify a Small Backyard


With a sizable backyard, you might feel more inspired to create a welcoming design and a multipurpose area the entire family can enjoy. But if you have a small yard behind the house, you might feel more tempted to make it into a simple storage area where you can keep everything you can’t find a place for in the house.

However, with a bit of organisation, planning, and effort, you can transform your small backyard into so much more. No matter how small, your backyard has the potential to become a true oasis you and your family will adore. Here is how you can easily beautify your small backyard and bring timeless functionality to the setting as well.

Tidy up the lawn and introduce greenery

First things first, in order for your backyard to become aesthetically pleasing and even inviting to your family members and guests, it needs to be free of physical clutter. The first thing you need to do is to declutter your backyard meticulously, making sure you put the lawnmower out of sight, tend to the grass, fill up any holes, and eliminate wild weeds and shrubs.

Now that you’re working on a clean canvas, you can start introducing various greenery to the setting in order to give it a unique feeling and charm. To increase the effect, opt for beautiful flower gardens throughout or in a single spot that is clearly visible from the patio or the lounge area. You can colour-coordinate your flowers or you can go for a completely spontaneous look.

Open up the design

There are plenty of ways you can make a small backyard feel more grand and spacious, and now that it’s free of extraneous elements, you can go ahead and think about colours and the design of basic amenities, such as the fence. A sure-fire way to make a small yard feel tiny is to go with a dark palette of colours and a solid wood fence or concrete wall.

Instead, make it bright and radiant, using white accents throughout and complemented with wooden furniture and patio flooring. For the fence, you can replace the solid design for a more appealing, French Gothic picket fence or a lattice fence to make the yard seem more spacious than before.

Functional and aesthetic features

Every backyard should have a simple yet striking focal point that will tie the design together and create a unique setting with its own personality and flair. However, when working with a small space, you should pick only a handful of features and accents that will bring aesthetics and functionality in, without making the area feel cluttered.

To that end, you can check out Sydney Shade cantilever umbrellas for your patio or lounge area in the centre of the yard. Also, a centrepiece fountain, or a rustic fire pit for those long evenings spent with the family around an open fire would be a great idea. Remember to add ample sun protection, as a small backyard is usually unprotected by trees or high-rise greenery.

Introduce privacy and intimacy

Unlike a more capacious setting, a small backyard has a wonderful potential to become an intimate place where you can enjoy private moments with your significant other secluded from the curious eyes of the outside world. However, you will have to introduce privacy carefully so as not to make the yard feel smaller.

A great way to complement the design is to think vertically, and introduce vertical greenery on the fence, around the window frames, and the backyard entrance. If the space permits it, you can even build a small pergola or a gazebo encircled with full-length curtains with an elegant chaise lounge and a side table in the middle.

Create an evening oasis

Finally, there is nothing quite like spending the evening in a relaxing setting where you can wash away the stress of everyday life. To create a true fairy-tale setting, think about warm lantern lighting mounted around the patio and the rest of the yard, and even walkway lights illuminating the trail from the entrance to the garden. Decorate the route with stepping-stones as well and don’t forget to illuminate the flower garden as a final touch.

Living with a small backyard shouldn’t feel like you have a thorn in your side you can’t get rid of, but rather it should feel like you’ve been granted an opportunity to create something truly special. Be sure to follow these simple tips and you will have no problem bringing beauty and functionality into your small backyard.

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