How To Apply For An HDB BTO Flat


The process of applying for an HDB BTO flat is often filled with a lot of red tape and language that can be difficult to understand. Here is a guide that will highlight the important parts of the process in order to make getting started a bit easier.


Start By Selecting Your Home

The first thing that you should do after you have decided on the type of flat that you prefer is to select your home via the e-Service webpage. On the site, you should look for important information like the pricing, estimated date of completion and plans for the home. With regard to the pricing, you should check to see if you can comfortably afford to spend at least 10 percent of the purchase price as a down payment. Will you also be able to handle the monthly payments associated with a 25 year loan? 

With regard to the wait times, it can be at least a few years until you can actually move into your new home. Therefore you should be prepared to wait until the home is ready and you should only apply for that home if it meets your requirements as far as the wait time.

Application Basics

If this is the first time that you are submitting an application, you will receive two ballots for the flat. By living close to your parents, you will receive four ballots, however, you will not be given extra money for any grants. If you are a young couple, one person should opt to be the main applicant while the other should be the co-applicant. Both individuals will still be considered as joint owners of the flat. The main applicant, however, is the individual that will receive the paperwork with regard to the application.

Find Out If You Are Eligible for Grants

Getting a grant can make paying for your flat easier, however there are some eligibility requirements. In order to be eligible for a grant, one partner of the couple or the applicant must have worked for at least a year and has drawn at least one year's worth of CPF. The maximum grant that can be obtained is $40,000. If the average pay when combined for both partners is less than $5,000, the full $40,000 will be given. The $40,000 is then split up between two CPF accounts.

Submit Your Application


After you have completed the above requirements and have determined your eligibility for a grant, the next step is to submit your application. After you submit your application, you will be issued a queue number and you can continue to apply for a Housing Loan Eligibility as well as pick your unit.


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