How Often Should You Inspect Your Roof?


A leaky, broken, or damaged roof can be a costly and timely expense to UK homeowners.

A simple, routine check of your roof could save you a lot of money in the long run. In fact, in a recent survey by roofing experts, Roof Stores, results show that the British public really aren’t very pro-active when it comes down to inspecting their roofs.

Shockingly, over half (57.4%) said they’d never inspected their roof.

Not only this, but around the same number said they’d never checked either their attic for leaks (56.9%) or have never cleared out their gutters (50.5%).

To help with this unfavourable task, Roof Stores have put together a quick article outlining:

  • Why You Should Inspect Your Roof
  • How Often You Should Inspect Your Roof
  • How Much It Would Cost To Repair Water Damage
  • How to Inspect Different Roof Types:

             Including Asphalt, metal, slate/clay tiling and wooden shakes/shingles.


You can access the full article here:

This is also supported by a comprehensive guide to different types of roof tiles and slates which can be accessed here.

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