How Are Country Style Home Designs Special?


Every country has its specific traditions, lifestyles, wildlife depending on the climatic conditions and cultural background. The dressing, food choices even the dwelling differs from country to country, it is due to this diversity, each country has its peculiar ways of getting eminent.

These variations attract more and more people to dwell in any foreign country. Whenever a family has to make the transition due to work or any other reason, it is better to study the overall conditions of that specific country. Country home designs are known for their spaciousness and neighborhood and living in such a magnificent country, people are bound to feel blessed. 

How To Choose An Australian Country Home?

The conditions like climate, food habits, their culture, tradition, dwelling types, local transportation, and so on plays a vital role when one is deciding to shift location. For example, if the shifting is due to getting promoted in the office to a beautiful country like Australia, it is better to study the overall surroundings. The first step would be, finding a home where the family can comfortably accommodate themselves and feel cozy even in a foreign country.

In this article, some common housing types are mentioned which have country home designs for the whole family.

Things To Consider When Opting For Country Home Designs

Although there is a vast choice of Australian country home designs, here are about five to six handpick types that have been alluded to which would lead to a trendy, plush, pleasant as well as an enjoyable stay for the family.

Now depending on the size of the family, budget, maintenance cost, distance from working place, one can choose from any of the country home designs, like

  • Flats or apartments: 

A low maintenance dwelling for a small family of three to four members. A flat normally consists of two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. All other facilities like a swimming pool or garden or play area are common for the whole complex.

  • Private small bungalow or a standalone house: 

It can be called as a small bungalow, ideal for a small family with kids. A private garden and playing areas makes the house a wide choice. A standalone house generally has two floors where upper floors contain bedrooms and ground floor is with a kitchen, living room, and so on.

  • Duplex bungalow: 

A duplex Australian country home designs have two units or floors that are attached, either adjacent to each other as townhouses or side by side to each other, on a first, second, and a basement level like apartments. The bungalows have a separate compound and no walls are shared.

  • Terrace housing: 

These Australian country home designs come with 2 to 3 floors layouts where each floor serves different purposes. The living and dining rooms, another for bedrooms, a courtyard, or patio for outdoor dining and a garage for parking.

  • Terrace mansion: 

As the name suggests, the design of this particular dwelling is like a castle of olden days or a palace in London. Huge rooms, two to three stored separate lawns, gardens, and swimming pools and some even have tennis courts. Perfect for a lavish lifestyle.

  • Common wall dwelling: 

These types of dwelling are generally occupied by two families that are well known to each other. The reason is though the compounds are separate the main wall of the house is shared commonly by both the dwellings. Such houses are like separate bungalows with a common wall and a common garden fence.

Each of these country home designs has their own particular benefits, as each one of them is designed by expert and experienced architects. All the requirements of the family right from the kitchen to the kid's bedroom and from the living room to the master bedroom, everything is taken care of.

Depending on the overall financial conditions, and other facilities offered in the dwellings, one can make the decision according to their liking.


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