How A Bathroom Makeover Can Increase Home Value

If you are looking to add a little bit extra to your home value, then it may worth you thinking about renovating your bathroom and giving it a little modern touch. Bathrooms are one of those areas in a home where people expect them to be quite modern with maybe a touch of class.  This can include things such as whirlpool baths, jacuzzi or prestige furniture. Unfortunately, not everyone has a lot of space in the bathroom to do as they please and it limits them. However, there are simple things that could be considered to help increase the value of your home.

Whirlpool Bath

The trend of having a whirlpool bath continues to grow and there are many newly built homes that now have this as standard. It is, however, more difficult to convert a current bath you have and there is a bit of plumbing required. Once you have found the whirlpool bath that you would like and the size of it fits in perfectly with your current bathroom layout you should then find a plumber. You can get plumber quotes using sites such as My Job Quote which enables you to specifically scope out exactly what you need and when you need it and a list of plumbers will come back and give you some different options. You can also read the profiles for the plumber that has quoted using this site and get some other people’s views on the service they have given.


In modern bathrooms, potential buyers are looking for radiators that can heat towels.  There are many of these that look really snazzy and classy. If you already have the plumbing in order to have a radiator in the bathroom generally it is pretty easy to swap out the one you have with a new one although you may wish to get some professional help if you are not familiar with doing this.


Bathroom tiling is extremely popular nowadays, however, is a pretty big task to do.  There are many different tiling options which include the flooring and walls with different price tags connected to the different quality of tiles. You may not wish to get the whole bathroom tiled or only do it partially. The good thing about tiles is that if it is done correctly to a good quality standard there isn’t really much upkeep required with them. Doing this effectively could add some extra value to your home.

Steam Shower

A steam shower is one of the latest gadgets that some bathrooms now have. Here these showers have all sorts of gadgets that can even include a radio. Gone are the days where people used to jump into a shower, wash and be out two minutes later. It seems to be more common to spend more time in the bathroom and use appliances such as this. This sort of addition is definitely very appealing to any potential buyers of your home (if you are trying to sell it).