Hottest Scandinavian Design Trends


If you are tired with the meticulousness of Feng shui, then it is time to give Scandinavian design trends a chance. They have always been functional, colorful, and minimalistic, which are styles that are popular now more than ever. Regardless of the Scandinavian country you think about, they can all boast a wonderful use of natural materials such as wood to furnish the interior of any home. As we have seen from the example of several furniture companies originating from this region, the final cost of applying a Scandinavian style doesn’t need to be high, so pretty much anyone can afford to apply the hottest trends from the north of Europe. We have no doubt that you too will have fun introducing Scandinavian design trends which we will list below.

Worn-out leather features

Owning a leather sofa is a great plus for any living room. Firstly, they confer a sense of opulence and secondly, they are fairly easy to clean. If looked after well, they can last for decades with only minor investments to sew up a seam or two. Leather is a natural and highly durable material that is an ideal solution for furniture and it feels soft to touch but it is firm enough so you could sit in it for hours. It has recently made its way into Nordic interior design, because it combines comfort and looks in an ideal way. Your house will get that rustic, outdoor feel, without having to sacrifice comfort.

Be proud of your storage units

Regardless of how small your living quarters are, you are bound to have plenty of storage units, like a shoe rack in the hallway or a large wardrobe in the bedroom. Even the bathroom walls are adorned with hanging cabinets where you store bathing salts or soap bars. People in general tend to feel ashamed of their storage units, especially if they are in the open but there is no reason to feel guilty if everyone can see your coat hanger in the living room.

An essential part or Scandinavian design is embracing storage units as an integral part of the home’s décor, rather than serving as unwanted or neutral spaces. Instead of running away from decorating your wardrobe, why not get some interesting PVC stickers to decorate it with?

Introducing a massage chair

Speaking of comfort, you needn’t build a backyard swimming pool to attain it. In fact, a simple piece of furniture like the armchair can be turned into an oasis or relaxation if you shop smart. Instead of a plain-looking wooden chair, install a massage chair that will serve as an everyday seating piece when turned off and it will be the center of home relaxation once turned on. Imagine toiling away at work all day in one of those skyscrapers that cities such as Melbourne, Singapore, or New York are full of and then arriving back home to lay back in your massage chair. A better relaxation feature inside the house can hardly be imagined and that is why every opulent Scandinavian design cannot do without a massage chair. Many more business people have started using Sydney massage chairs, for example,  as means of taking the physical stress off after a long day at work. This is actually a world trend that hasn’t skipped the north of Europe.

Snippets of blue

In terms of color, you need to have a single color that all your décor will rely on and according to Scandinavian living standards, no color is better than blue. Apart from it being a calming color, like green, blue also has so many shades, from navy blue to royal blue. This means that your options are endless and you can pair up this color with any other element inside the house. Even a blue pillow, mat, or a bathroom towel can turn around the décor of any room!

Creating tech-free zones

You have probably wished at some point in time to just throw out all the tech gizmos outside the window. Well, you are not alone in this, because everybody gets tired of constant pop-up sounds and the glare of a computer screen. In terms of décor, having an ugly black cord sticking out from pretty much every wall socket is not that appealing. Another issue with modern technology is that fact that is has taken up every space that we used for relaxation, such as the bathroom or the bedroom. It is not uncommon to text someone from the toilet or to finish a paper on our laptop while lying in bed at 2 in the morning.

These are all reasons why Nordic design requires turning at least one of the rooms in your home into a tech-free zone. Designate a corner of your house where conversations with your spouse or children’s laughter will be the only “popping” sounds.

Whichever trends you decide to follow, be advised that they are all in vogue right now. A blue pillow casing, a massage chair, or a leather sofa; the final choice is up to you.

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