Home Renovation Projects to Tackle Prior to Moving In

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When you buy a new home it should, realistically, be fully ready for you to move in. And typically, this is the case; sellers always make sure the house is livable before putting it up for sale. Even when this is the case, certain things in a home might not be to your liking. In most of these cases, you can easily fix everything after moving in. However, there are certain changes and renovations which should be done before you move in. This includes larger projects which would interfere with you settling into your new home. So, in order to help you avoid the inconvenience of doing these projects after moving in, we have put together a list of home renovation projects to tackle prior to moving in.

Renovate the kitchen

The kitchen is a vital part of every home. It is where all of the food is stored and cooked. And since food is a requirement for humans to live, you’ll want to make sure the kitchen is fully functional before moving into your new home. A kitchen renovation can take some time, so this is probably the most important home renovation project to tackle prior to moving in. Of course, there are some ideas for an easy and budget friendly kitchen makeover that take a lot less time. However, any bigger project involving the kitchen should be done before moving in. Still, if you do want to renovate your new kitchen before moving in, you should plan carefully. It's understandable if you don’t want to delay your move-in for too long. However, it’s important to plan carefully when it comes to something as important as the kitchen.

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A kitchen is vital for any home, so make sure it’s fully functional before the move.

Renovate the bathroom

Much like the kitchen, the bathroom is a vital part of your home which you can’t live without. As such, if you need to change anything around the bathroom, do it before you move in. This is especially important if you’re moving in with a senior, or are a senior yourself. Renovation of the bathroom to be more senior-friendly is incredibly important in this case. Additionally, you’ll want to do any other senior-friendly renovations before the move. Make sure the home is accessible for elderly family members before moving in.  When it comes to the bathroom, however, only hire contractors you can trust to get the job done properly. After all, the last thing you want is something to break in your bathroom freshly after moving in. There are a lot of ways to make sure contractors are trustworthy before hiring them, so do your research thoroughly before deciding.

Paint the interior

Most sellers tend to apply a fresh coat of paint to a home before they sell it. The problem is, the new paint job is almost always white. However, some sellers leave the old and damaged paint job untouched. If the white isn’t to your liking, you’ll want to apply the new paint before moving in, for a few reasons. Painting a home can be very disruptive to your life, which interferes with settling into a new home. Additionally, fresh paint tends to bring with it a lot of chemical fumes. Needless to say, this isn’t healthy, and can also make the process of settling in more difficult. As such, you’ll want to make sure this is done well before you actually move into the new home. Before you start planning the project, however, consider how to choose complementary paint colors so the new paint job is aesthetically pleasing.

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Paint fumes can be bad for you, so make sure the new paint job is done before moving.

Replace the flooring

Another home renovation project to tackle prior to moving is replacing the flooring. Whether it’s simply not to your liking or damaged in some way, replacing flooring takes a lot of time. In addition, a room which is having its floor replaced is going to be inaccessible during the process. As such, especially if it’s in an important room like the living room, this should be done before the move. Replacing flooring typically takes days, and in the case of hardwood flooring it also needs to settle, so plan accordingly. And when you do move in, experts from Four Winds KSA note that you should make sure the flooring doesn’t get damaged. This is important whether the flooring is new or not, but it’s certainly more annoying when the floor is brand-new. So, make sure your floor is properly protected while you’re moving into the home.

Remodel an entire room

If you have plans to remodel an entire room in the new home, you should aim to have it done before the move. After all, no one wants to live in a home while a room is being remodeled. Remodels tend to be loud and kick up a lot of dirt and dust, which can easily get frustrating. And since remodels often include walls being knocked down and rebuilt, you’d have to deal with the inconvenience of construction as well. As such, you’ll want to make sure this is done before you move in, and with enough time for a deep clean as well. Remodels can leave behind quite a mess, and this should really be cleaned up before the move as well. Additionally, keep in mind some tips for a successful remodel project to make sure everything goes well and the project is done on time and without issues.

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Remodeling a room takes a long time and disrupts life in a house, so getting it done before moving in is a good idea.

Home renovation projects to tackle prior to moving in – wrap up

There are a lot of renovation projects which are very disruptive to life in a house. Sometimes we have to deal with these while already living in the house, but when moving into a new home we have the perfect opportunity to renovate without too much inconvenience. Opportunity aside, the last thing you want to deal with when settling into a new home is organizing and executing a renovation project. As such, realistically, the best choice is to make sure the projects are done while you’re not at home. We hope this list of home renovation projects to tackle prior to moving in helps you get your new home in order before the move, and we wish you a good day.


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