8 Home Plumbing Misconceptions that are Robbing you

A leaky faucet or running toilet might be the reason for your headache, even if we don’t exaggerate the situation. No wonder why home plumbing and its complications can snatch away your sleep, and you have to appoint only licensed and skilled plumbers to get out of this critical circumstance. However, there are tonnes of cheap DIY tricks and plumbing myths available online that are doing no benefit but inviting disasters. 

If you have been considering those myths for your go-to solutions, for handling those plumbing issues, then you are taking things for granted. On the other hand, this might be leading to the corrosion of the plumbing counterparts, beyond your knowledge. Therefore, check out if you have adopted any of the following plumbing myths. If yes, immediately stop implementing them. Now, let’s resume to those misconceptions that might be costing you money:

  1. In-Tank Bleach Tablets Keep Troubles out of Toilet

We are sure that you like a fresh, hygienic toilet, but we have to impose a big NO for in-tank bleach tablets. According to a renowned plumber in Dubai, such tablets contain bleaching agents, and they can degrade the build of the toilet. Putting them into the tank of the toilet will just increase the chances of corrosion. In addition to this, when the bleach floods into the toilet bowl and pipes, then it might damage the toilet construction.

In case you have to use bleach products, make sure that you rinse it thoroughly within a span of ten minutes. Or else it can pose a threat to the functional components of the toilet. And, the consequences can go so severe that you have to look out for an efficient plumber in Dubai to replace the entire toilet. Undoubtedly, it would cost you a lot of money.

  1. The Disposal can Digest Chemical Drain Cleaners

The garbage disposal at your home has to go through enough clutter, grease, and stale food. Your garbage disposal might have enormous power to keep your household clean from such garbage and waste. However, it can’t withstand the acidic nature of the drain cleaners. The drain cleaners might ruin the disposal seal, and you have to invest in a new garbage disposal or a new impeller. 

To escape from such a nasty circumstance, avoid pouring drain cleaners into the disposal. Instead, you can use a mix of kitchen essentials and use it to clean off the disposal. For example, you can combine baking soda and white vinegar and use the fizzy solution to combat the smell of the disposal. Additionally, this mixture would duly disinfect the disposal. Moreover, don’t forget to chunk up the peels into slices before you throw them into the disposal.

  1. Every Plumber is Equally Knowledgeable

Are you sure about that? Well, we are not questioning your concept of hiring a plumber at your home. Anyone who calls him or herself a plumber should be properly licensed. So, ensure that you look out for the license of that particular plumber. A license maximises the chances that the plumber is well-trained and experienced. On the other hand, a plumber with a due certification from a renowned plumbing industry would be a better choice.

In case the hired plumber doesn’t install the faucet correctly or can’t fix the leak then you have to call in another plumber. So, forget the hit and trial cases because your plumbing emergencies can’t wait. If you can’t be so sure about rendering plumbing services, take help from the search engines. Locate the best plumbers near you and double-check the services after going through the customer reviews.

  1. Flushable means Non-Alarming for Toilets

Marketing can befuddle us and force us to believe in anything. For instance, if you have been flushing baby wipes, paper towels, or any product that relates to feminine hygiene, then you have no idea what mistakes you have been repeating. Such so-called flushable wipes are responsible for frequent toilet clogs around the country. They might resemble flushable, but you need to check whether they truly are.

High-quality flushable products should have mentioned the extent of dissolution. To stay on the safe side, you should not consider the toilet as the disposal of these flushable products. Rather, you should throw them in a dustbin.

  1. Lifetime Warranties are Worth a Try even on a Bad Product

You might have encountered cheap and bad products that come with warranty support. Customers find it lucrative as they think that they need not purchase new products if anything gets faulty. And, they can save a lot with this recursive lifetime warranty scheme. If you are one of them, then we must say that you have been trapped by the marketers.

First, you have to stick to that specific brand for plumbing parts replacements. Additionally, the installments won’t come for free. You have to spend to install those bad and cheap plumbing products. Thus, always purchase high-quality plumbing products in order to refrain from such fraud.

  1. Ice Cubes would Sharpen the Garbage Disposal

If you have heard from your neighbour that ice cubes, as well as eggshells, will make the blades of the garbage disposal sharp. The myth behind it is that ice cubes are not related to sharpening the garbage disposal. Similarly, eggshells have to do nothing with the disposal sharpening. 

Yes, ice cubes would clean up the disposal. If your disposal has started stinking, then you can throw ice cubes. And, the garbage disposal would be cleaner. You can do the same with eggshells. Rather than throwing eggshells after making omelets or any egg preparation, throw them at the disposal, finally run the disposal.

  1. A Noisy Water Heater can Blow up at any Time

In case you are noticing rumbling noises from the water heater, then you might be thinking that you have to replace the water heater. However, as long as you don’t experience issues with the plumbing and electrical services from the water heater, everything is workable. On the other hand, if the water heater is too old, then the sediment can be the reason for the grumbling.

Consequently, you can notice air bubbles coming from the water heater. And, the formation of air bubbles might be leading to the noise of the water heater. Cleaning the sediment might resolve the issue and the water heater needs no replacement at all.

  1. Nothing to worry about if Everything goes down the Drain

It's good news that nothing gets obstructed at the drain of your toilet or bathroom. But, if you think that everything goes through the drain and it indicates the ultimate functioning of the drain then you're probably misguided. 

It might take time for your cat litters, wet wipes, hair strands to create a build-up inside the drain and pipes. The more you allow it to get congested with waste, the more the chances are that you are overlooking the health of the pipes. As a result, the plumbing line will receive damage. Hence, throw away foods, wet wipes and everything in the dustbin. Keep a strainer right at the entrance of the drain.

Finally, Plumbing Maintenance is a Must….

Render plumbing services not only in emergency situations such as clogged toilets or leaky faucets. Keep the entire plumbing mechanism under a magnifying glass by availing worthy plumbing services for your home.

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