Home Makeover Tour: Ranch with Open Floor Plan


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Open floor plan is a statement – the interior design choice that achieves an airy, stripped down appeal which invokes communal living and minimalism. In a home-away-from-home, especially if it’s surrounded with countryside, it is by far the best possible approach to interior design. Even though a ranch with an open floor plan might sound like a stereotype to some, it can be a prudent decision to mimic this style in your own home. If you do not feel convinced yet, here’s a home makeover tour of a ranch with an open floor plan.

Image Source: Pixabay

A matter of color

People tend to associate “home makeover” with a change of color. However, when it comes to the color scheme that will grace your ranch open floor plan, all bets are off. Before you make any stylistic decisions, first you have to take into consideration the type of material used to build your household. Are we talking about cement walls, stone, brick or wood? Open floor great rooms with support beams made of timber usually require a warmer approach when it comes to colors, but no matter what, you’ll never make a mistake if you keep it bright.

White walls and ceilings are a good “blank canvass” for your creative freedom and this pure, airy color can help you get into the groove of things. After you start deciding on the broad strokes when it comes to bulky furniture and individual elements, that’s when you’ll want to truly start thinking about color.

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Light is your biggest ally

If you decide to do an open-floor makeover, your first mission is to expand the windows on your walls – either the number, the size, or both. No matter what, it’s crucial to let as much natural light seep into your great room as possible. The effects of this are profound – it will not only make the stylistic choices in your great room pop, it will also improve the mood of all its dwellers. One of the biggest advantages of an open floor plan is that you can truly go crazy with windows because the main support beam has to be somewhere within the household.

For the long-night period during the winter season, look for light-fixtures that will blend into the environment well. Rely on an experienced and reliable Glenco electrician to help you with durable light fixture installations. Avoid gaudy chandeliers unless you’re head over heels in love with such interior elements and you want to make a centerpiece out of one.

Image Source: Pixabay

The notion of centerpiece and furniture islands

Now that the notion of centerpiece has been mentioned, it’s important to discuss your open space in terms of furniture islands – or rooms within rooms, if that’s the way you want to view it. As previously stated, your great room is a blank canvass and you have to give it form.

In order to achieve this, you first need to choose a centerpiece and surround it with furniture appropriately. For example, a dining furniture island will have a dining table as its centerpiece and surrounding chairs as additional furniture. A coffee table, TV screen, or a piece of art –these can all serve as centerpieces for your furniture islands in the open-floor great room and your imagination is the limit. You can even single out these separate areas by placing them on large carpets.

The premise of the open floor plan is fairly easy to understand – by tearing down the walls, you will create a great room with a sense of glamour and high-end lifestyle. Stylistically speaking, it is a great modular canvass for furniture rearrangements and aesthetic remodels. Countless variations offered by such a layout coupled with the modern appeal of this architectural decision has pushed it, once more, into the forefront of cutting-edge interior design. It is a makeover you’ll never regret because it lends itself so beautifully to all trends.

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