Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician to Mount Your TV


In recent times, mounted television systems have become a rage in every home. If not for channels, the functions of a modern TV include streaming services, Google connectivity, and gaming benefits.

Now, something as expensive as a TV requires proper and professional installation on your drawing-room wall. Even though you wish to read through the instruction manual to install it all by yourself, frankly speaking, it might not be a good idea. 

All you need to do is to hire a TV-electrician who can install and connect it with your DTH setup unit. Be it for installing or to repair your old TV, an electrician can help you get the mounted TV up on the wall in no time.

Now you may ask why you should pay extra for just installation? The points might help you understand better:

Proper Mount

You might know your walls, but an electrician knows the best placement of your TV. Imagine working hard to mount the TV on a wall that has little cracks, or even a hideous shelf, your do-it-yourself activity can worsen the wall condition. 

An electrician will make sure that such incidents do not happen. Hence, you should leave them to understand your home's wiring system. 

By considering the power sockets of your house, wiring, and electricity usage in mind, an electrician can find the perfect mounting wall for your TV. 

Things they keep in mind are:

  • How close is the nearest power socket to the installed TV? 

  • How much power can the machinery consume on daily usage? 

  • Which would be the safest place for such an installation? 

Of course, you can always help them out by making sure they understand your house's wiring system better to install the TV in the right place.

An electrician, hence, makes sure that the installed TV also looks pretty being watched by everyone in your home daily. Hence, you result in saving more money in the long run than spending.



Time Management

A mounted TV is different from ordinary in terms of installation. At first, you'll need to make holes on the walls for the TV bracket. Next, you have to make sure that you have enough power sockets and wiring systems for the cables and rings.

The entire process can be gruelling, especially if you have a 9-5 job life. So, why wait for the weekend to work as hard as on any working day when you can just hire an electrician for better results and safety?

An electrician here would know every nitty-gritty of the technical process as it can take hours to measure the placement of the hole to mount the TV on the walls. 

They are well-versed with the wiring process. So there is no need to spend time understanding where HDMI 1 goes or 2. Leave it to the expert and sit back to wait for the miracle, with an electrician's help. 


Another important factor is experience. An experiment on the other hand can lead to drastic results as you might wish to install it yourself being it your first TV. 

But the cost of purchasing, drilling, and installation tools, on top of savings for any accident turns out to be a bigger budget. Hence, it is always wise to hire someone who has all the skillset. 

A skilled and licensed electrician will possess the tools and equipment to make sure quick and precise courses of action are implemented to execute the work. 

While you might end up putting the brackets incorrectly, a professional will know the exact spots for the TV's stability on the wall. 

An Extra Set of Hands

Sometimes a little help goes a long way, and if it is from an expert then it lasts forever. 

Similarly, although mounted TVs are lighter these days, you can never go wrong with taking help from an electrician. The trick is to mount the TV on the bracket without slipping it from your fingers. 

An electrician can help you know how to hold it in a way that it stays within your arms. A small slip-up can cause the screen to shatter. Hence, the second pair of hands can certainly help in reducing the risk of expenditure that can result from untoward accidents from your do-it-yourself act.

Now that you might understand the importance of their work, make sure to take their help so that you can save yourself from spending thousands on accidents or repairs.

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