6 Best Health-Boosting Enhancements and Improvements for Your Home


Your home should be your safe haven from all the bad things happening outside, so just imagine how much better you would feel in your environment if you know it’s as healthy as possible. Just like you’re doing the best to keep your body healthy, you need to work on your home in order to live in a healthy environment. Luckily, with these easy home improvements, you’ll turn your home into an oasis of well-being. 

Install a water purifier 

Water is not only the source of all life but a necessary component for your daily needs. The bad news is that a huge number of people live without clean water suitable for drinking. If you’re not sure whether your tap water is good for drinking and cooking, provide your household with a practical water filtering system. This little health-boosting addition to your home will ensure all pollutants like toxic chemicals and lead are removed from your water. With a good water filter, you can drink your water knowing you’re providing your body with the best hydration. 

Pay attention to indoor air quality

Daily exposure to fresh and clean air is key to health and clarity. One of the easiest ways to fill your home with fresh air is to keep your windows open and provide good airflow throughout your home. However, that’s not always possible due to low temperatures, noise pollution and allergens that roam outside. In that case, you can grab the best air purifier for allergies and keep your air free of dust, pollen, mold and pet dander. Most new models are silent, so you can keep it on during the night and even get one for your kid’s room. 

Add some plants

Aside from working together with your air purifier to remove toxins from your environment, plants have other health benefits. The right kinds can enrich your air with fresh oxygen and some can even help remove bacteria and germs. Additionally, the green color of plants evokes pleasant feelings and improves mood, focus and productivity. And the extra color splashes won’t hurt your interior either. If you struggle with keeping plants alive, opt for varieties that require minimal care like succulents and cacti. 

Improve your lighting

Lighting has a very important role in human lives and there’s so much more to it than just brightness that allows us to see. Lighting that’s too bright can not only affect your mood but also leave yours with headaches and eyestrain (the same goes with insufficient light). So, make sure to improve your fixtures with the right bulbs. For instance, LEDs are able to mimic the wavelengths of natural light and they don’t flicker like traditional bulbs. However, natural lighting is always your best choice, especially if you suffer from SAD. Remodel your home so that sunlight can enter your space and invest in lighter window treatment. 

Boost comfort in your bathroom

For most of us, visiting a spa is a rare treat we get to enjoy only once a month or so. And if that’s not enough for you, you can improve your bathroom and experience spa relaxation every day. You can invest in smaller renovation projects like fitting your bathtub with jets and bubbles, but you can also go the whole nine yards and install a Jacuzzi. This bathroom addition will make every bath special, relaxing and therapeutic. Warm water, jets and bubbles will relax your muscles, relieve pain and let your mind wander to the most beautiful places. No space in your small bathroom? Invest in an outdoor hot tub—these are very popular and practical today. 

Create a home gym

If you want to work on your fitness but don’t have time to visit your local gym, why not bring the gym to you? Compact home gyms require very little space, so feel free to dedicate a corner in your garage or basement for your fitness needs. No matter what you prefer, cardio or strength exercises, today’s offer of equipment will satisfy even the pickiest of fitness freaks. Yoga lovers only need space for a mat and a few towels and blocks, while you might need some extra room for weights and machines if you love to work on your strength. 

These home improvements will not only be good for your health and fitness but can also boost the value and attractiveness of your property. It’s truly a double-win situation! 


About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid freelance writer and blogger from Sydney. He’s a regular contributor to numerous blogs and online magazines. Mike’s specialty are topics related to home improvement, interior design, real estate and environmental sustainability.

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