3 Effective Ways To Grow Your Architecture Firm In 2022

Photo by Expect Best

It's been a rough past three years for businesses in every industry. First, the impacts of the pandemic altered the way businesses function at their core, enforcing remote work and hybrid environments. Beyond that, the Great Resignation soon set down roots, and companies were forced to start prioritizing employee wellbeing over profits. And then there's the shattering price hikes and the looming fear of a global economic crash. 

And as if that's not enough change to digest, we've also recently seen the death of traditional marketing, the birth of digital marketing, and new outsourcing trends. 

While some changes have been challenging hurdles for businesses, others are driving positive changes that benefit employees and businesses alike. 

But with this, it can be tricky to grow your business in the seemingly all-new environment. So, we've listed some modern practical approaches to grow your architecture firm this year.  

Outsource Your Digital Marketing Needs

Digital marketing has many benefits to offer your business, from boosting customer loyalty and engagement to increasing sales dramatically and ultimately strengthening your bottom line. 

The best digital marketing tactics for architecture firms are photo and video marketing, social media marketing, SEO, lead generation, content marketing, and email marketing. 

And because outsourcing is the best way to afford industry experts and effective results, looking into the costs of a marketing agency for architects is worthwhile. The right agency will help you build and grow your brand to all new heights this year, and you'll find pricing is typically pretty pocket-friendly as well. 

Go Green

There are quite a few ways going green can benefit your firm. First, going green typically lowers operating costs, reduces waste, and enhances the environment for employees. But beyond this, going green will also strengthen your brand image and reputation by appealing to the new consumer demand for sustainability, which means more clients. 

As an architecture firm, sustainable design is essential. And the choice to go green even in smaller ways will benefit your firm's reputation. Green architecture helps the environment and will ensure your firm can stay in tune with consumer desires. 

Invest In Networking Strategies

In some industries, networking is incredibly beneficial. Architecture and building is one such industry where a thriving network often means a flourishing business. 

Get to know the contractors, agencies, designers, and builders that you work with, and do what you can to meet new people in the industry. 

The best way to start networking with your firm is to find other small businesses in the industry and introduce your expertise and skills to them. Whether you end up using these businesses for upcoming projects or converting these into clients, networking is typically a win-win for architecture firms. 

In 2022, there are some things all businesses should be doing, from using social media and digital marketing to analyzing competitors and being data-driven. Most of these are applicable to an architecture firm. But even so, it's essential to nurture gradual growth for your firm; growing any business too fast is a common mistake.