Geberit, the perfect bathroom.

The most over looked room in your home will most probably be the bathroom. We all look at our bedrooms, lounges and kitchens when it comes to renovating or redecorating, this is because you would naturally spend more time in them. Now consider this, an average person will spend 1 hour per day in the bathroom, this may not be a lot of time but it is some of the most important time in your day. The other reason you may over look the bathroom is because people in general would consider the bathroom as been a difficult room to renovate. As an ex contractor I can tell you this is not entirely true. You can transform a dated bathroom by simply replacing  the toilet, basin, shower and having new floor or wall tiles installed, and all this can be done on a small budget. There are many companies that provide sanitary systems, so which one is a trusted brand?
Geberit is one of the leaders in sanitary technology and in my opinion the leader when it comes to concealed cisterns. Concealed cisterns are not a new technology and Giberit has recently celebrated 50th years of manufacturing.
The Geberit concealed cistern is the perfect system to have installed if you what a way to save space in a small bathroom. By using a concealed cisterns, all the unsightly connections are hidden away out of sight. The installation is simple, and can be mounted either to the wall or the floor, depending on the positioning of the waste outlet.Geberit concealed cisterns are available for all Geberit installation systems and are compatible with many Geberit actuator plates. You are free to choose whatever WC ceramic appliance you like - early all commercially available models can be mounted.  
If  the concealed cistern is not the way for you, Geberit has another alternative, the Geberit Monolith sanitary module.  This solution closes the gap between exposed and concealed cisterns and has received several international awards for its modern design concept, and its economical water consumption. It is aesthetically superior to classic exposed cisterns and the complete sanitary technology is incased in an elegant base unit which is made of safety glass and brushed aluminum. Installation is still quick and easy, and involves low levels of construction dust, dirt, noise and can be used with almost any floor standing WC ceramic brand. Access for maintenance is provided through the maintenance opening at the top. 
To complement the cistern you can have the Monolith for washbasins. Like the cistern all the connections are hidden and is very easy to install.
To complete the perfect bathroom renovation you should consider having the Geberit AquaClean installed. This is not just a toilet but a daily contribution to your well-being, with outstanding hygiene. The AquaClean is by far the best alternative to the classic bidet. It can be installed with the Monolith or the concealed cistern and is easy to maintain. 
Geberit AquaClean offers the right model for every requirement, from the compact WC enhancement solution through to the integrated WC complete solution.  
So when you decide to renovate you bathroom, take the time to visit one of the Gederit retail stores. You can't go wrong with a Geberit. They even give a 25-year spare parts guarantee for their concealed cisterns and flush plates.

Do you need a bathroom specialist to install your new Geberit toilet?

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