Fun Design Ideas for Kids’ Rooms


Are you thinking of surprising your child with a little bedroom remodel this year? That’s a great idea, especially if you know your child well and know what their interests are. No matter if you have a little bookworm or a future athlete in your family, you can always come up with a super fun room design to fit their wishes. Here are some fun decoration ideas for every child out there.

Bookworm haven

A little reader will love a quality floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. This is a timeless decoration element that not only allows them to display their precious books but can also serve as additional storage. A beautiful shelf across the wall will make their book collection well-organized and bring plenty of bright colors to their room. Plus, adding a bookshelf to your kid’s room leaves them with plenty of creative book organization options and allows them to change the look of their collection whenever they like.

Musician’s corner

Kids who are dedicated music fans will love music-inspired décor. Since regular posters stuck to the wall are very cheap-looking, you can opt for professionally framed prints or records from their favorite artists. Framed tablatures of their favorite song are also a very creative yet simple décor idea. Something timeless and inspirational is the best solution that will not bore them in a few weeks. An antiquated instrument displayed on the wall or the ceiling is also a great focal point for the space. A rusty trumpet or a beat-up ukulele will add a perfect vintage vibe to any room.

Superhero fan room

Superheroes have a horde of young fans today, so if you know your kid loves Marvel of DC, don’t hesitate to include a few superhero elements into their room. One great addition to every kid’s room is adorable Funko pop vinyl figures of their favorite heroes and villains. These are small enough to fit on any shelf or desk and can serve both as decoration and fun toys for play dates. And, if they treat their collectables well, they might have something valuable in the future! Finally, a few classic comic book prints will complete the look of your kid’s little lair.

Room for a little gamer

If you have a little gamer on your hands, you have a pretty easy task when it comes to the room decoration. While you don’t want all your kid’s interests to be aimed solely at video games, it’s a great idea to include some of the gaming imagery into their bedroom décor. For instance, you can opt for various video game posters and figurines or grab fun video-game inspired bed linen. If you have an older kid who overgrew colorful designs, a simple mural of their fave video game world map will certainly hit the sweet spot. Painting these doesn’t require many different tools, just some creativity and time. Plus, this is a project your kid can greatly help with!

Sporty bedroom

If you have a future Olympic gold medalist in your family, it’s a great idea to encourage their passions by decorating their room with sporty décor. You don’t have to go overboard with memorabilia or inspirational quotes, but giving something to push your child every day is a great idea. For instance, treat your kid to a framed jersey of their favorite football player or create a cute baseball card collage that will serve as their headboard. Another great addition to every sports fan’s room is bleacher seats. You can get them very cheap and your child will find them very useful, especially if they don’t have a spacious room (these can fold and unfold very easily).

Make sure to include your child in the decoration process and listen to their suggestions. With your combined ideas and efforts, you’ll create a perfect bedroom and become the best parent ever!

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