Frugal Interior Design Tips That Will Change Your First House Into A Home


If you’re planning a home renovation project, expect to pay upwards of $34,000 for interior design services, according to Home and Decor. If you just bought your first home and want to transform it to match your taste, you have to start by finding a qualified contractor, in addition to factoring in the expenses of hiring an interior designer. If you can afford the extra cost, then go for it, but if not, then here are four design tips that will turn your house into a home. Most of them will work best when you hire an interior designer.

Stick To Your Budget

Let’s face it, if you are buying your first home now, chances are you are fresh out of college and practicing all the frugal financial living tips you can find. And after buying your house, little is left over. Stick to the pre-planned budget and plan. You might not yet be where you want to end up, but the learning curve is superb. Also, a budget will help you explore interior design options such as mixing and matching furniture that you wouldn’t have considered. Shopping at flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores and on sale days will also help you create a more authentic feel to your first home.

Don’t Compromise On Quality

Sticking to your budget is critical, but it should not come at the expense of quality. Remember, everything you buy cheap will cost you in the long run. For instance, invest in a long-lasting mattress to avoid the health implications of a bad mattress and the expense of buying another one in nine months. Hire a contractor to fix up the areas you have no expertise in, such as moving walls, insulation, wiring, lighting and plumbing. 

Strategic Lighting

Some rooms in the house have to be exceptionally lit to function properly. The kitchen and bathroom are two such rooms you have to pay extra attention to. It's not just about adding as many lights as you can in that small space, but about the strategy behind it. Try going for layered lighting in these rooms, and get as much natural light as you can. Draw inspiration from interior design strategies such as lights below your upper kitchen cabinets, a chandelier above the island and big windows.

Add Texture And Color

This is the most fun process of interior design, and you might get overwhelmed. The best place to start would be in a monochrome setting. For instance, paint the walls white, try black lacquer ceilings, and keep the furniture dull. Now add the brightly colored throw pillows, a gallery on one wall and area rugs. Stamp each room with your unique style and color. Flowers and plants also liven up a dull space.

Your first home definitely won’t be perfect, and that is okay. Just give yourself time to make good decisions, and it will get there. Sticking to these ideas is just a start, and you should be free to explore other options. Just find your creative flair and roll with it.

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