Flawless Home Paintings Can Do Wonders to The Look of Your Home


A painting is the skill of using paint on to a board, canvas or wall, to design or showing a visual presentation of something. Paintings enhance the beauty of home or any wall where it is hanged or designed. It decorates the wall and gives a stunning finish to the walls as well.

Are you sitting in your living room? Are you looking around and thinking about what can I do here for making it more attractive, but you are limited on time and limited on money, so the smartest thing what you can do is that paint your wall? Or decorate your walls using paintings. It will give you a freshness it will change the entire colors of the walls and gives a fabulous look. You can totally change the look of your home and make it appear attractive to others & yourself by just spending a little money on it. It saves you a lot of money. Also, these flawless home décor paintings give a makeover to your room.

Wall paintings costs less as compare to the canvas paintings as the canvas cost is high and the cost of colors is less compared to the canvas. And the wall paintings give a new look to the entire wall and a room. So, it is beneficial to do a wall painting as compared to the canvas paintings.

The colors and texture used in painting and used on walls will determine the character of your home. The correct application of these color and texture is very important.

Market is filled with numerous types of wall paints which can enhance the beauty of the walls by ten folds.

  1. Distemper wall paints: Distemper is water based paint. This paint is very easy to use. It is also very safe to use. However, you can’t play much here.

  2. Emulsion wall paints: Emulsion wall paints are also water based paints. It also provides a rich finish to your exterior and interior walls. It has some extra smoothness in it.

  3. Solvents wall paints: Solvent wall paints are always long lasting paints and these paints enhance the beauty of wall for long time. Designing on these walls can certainly work great.

  4. Functional wall paints: Functional wall paints have an inbuilt non-toxic mechanism. Functional wall paints are the best type of paints. There designs have to be pest on to the walls.

  5. Poster paints: It is not a wall paint. They are the paints which are used most often as they are used in schools with kids. They are nontoxic paints and washable too.

Types of paintings:

There are many types of flawless house décor paintings which are used to decorate homes. Each artist represents his thoughts and ideas in a different way. Through paintings, artists express their thoughts, feelings as well as their vision. Some paintings are also motivational and inspirational ones.

Painting artists are always very creative in their ideas. They can express each and everything they see through their normal eyes and the inner eyes.

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A painting may be an abstract one; in some paintings there is no easily recognizable subject. In these types of paintings there are color spread on to board randomly and this type of paintings are sometimes known as modern art paintings.

  • In some paintings the artists express something by exploring colors and by shapes to express their feelings.

  • Some are Non-representing and non-objective paintings. In these types of paintings artists usually show what the artist sees in his daily life. For example, a painting on nature is when the artist sits outdoor and represent the same scene through his paintings like landscape, waterfall painting, seascape etc.

  • A portrait painting is a painting of a person. Some painters make their own portraits while others like to work on the portraits of famous people.

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