Feng Shui Layout for Apartment, Condo and HDB Flat

If you are trying to design your home so that it protects and helps you and your family to prosper, it is important to respect the five elements of feng shui in the layout of your home. Feng shui is extremely important for the home and there are many books that have discussed how homeowners end up having problems by failing to respect these principles in designing their homes. If you live in an apartment, condo or HDB flat, there are a few simple rules you can follow to ensure that your home respects the principles of feng shui in its layout.

Alignment of Front Door/Window With Back Door/window 

There are many feng shui books that indicate that a home with this layout will result in the people residing in the house having difficulties with accumulating wealth. This is only true in the case that the path of the window and the door pass through the wealth sectors of the home. Using a partition can help to minimize this problem.

Path of Window and Door Passes Through Bad Sectors

It is a good thing to have the path of a window and door alignment pass through the bad sectors of the house. This helps the bad energy to dissipate quickly so that this bad energy does not affect the people in the house.

Homes With Central Walk Path

A home that has a central walk path splitting the home into two can have problems if the energies of the walk path are not favourable. At certain times, negative energies can reside at the pathway. Detouring the walk path is an effective way of dealing with such an unfavourable design.

Feng shui can have a dramatic effect on the layout of a home. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you don't design your home with a layout that could possibly bring bad luck. If there are things that you can do to change the layout of your home, a master of feng shui can help with this.

If you need assistance with mitigating the layout of your home in order to better create feng shui in your home, then you should make sure to consult the services of a qualified master of feng shui. Click here to request your free quotes for interior design services today.

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