Everything About Civil Concrete Engineers


Concrete Engineers are civil engineers who are involved in all stages of a concrete construction such as dams, bridges or buildings. From planning to execution, civil concrete engineers perform each function. They are responsible for each stage of work. After the construction is completed, they have the duty to verify if the construction is strong enough or not. They are not only restricted to an onsite job but can also engaged in work like training other engineering students, acting as a consultant for the government or some private agencies.  Further, a few civil concrete engineers allocate their time in finding out more about concrete materials and related studies.

Civil Concrete

Education Of Civil Concrete Engineers:

Civil concrete engineers perform a very important role in the society as whatever they construct is for the benefits of common people.  To become a civil concrete engineer bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from a well-known and verified institution is required. After completing the education, if you feel like working independently and not under the supervision of other engineers then, you must get a Professional Engineer License from the government. This license gives the authority to perform the roles as an engineer. This license allows the civil concrete engineers to supervise other engineers who do not have this license. Transforming the blueprint in to final construction projects is the primary goal of the civil engineers. Sometimes, they might also have to reconstruct the entire bridge or a building which was damaged by a disaster.  An engineer should always make the constructions strong enough to endure pressure and other factors which might lead to its ruin. 

Duties Of Civil Concrete Engineers:

As mentioned above that civil engineers oversee the entire construction project. Their involvement is huge and any decision they make affects the way the building is constructed. Thus, these are some of the duties of a civil concrete engineer:

1. Design of the Site – The engineer must pay special attention to the design of the building or the bridge he is constructing. Often, there are faults in the design of the construction which makes it an unsafe site or more over might not be practical.  If the engineer feels that the design is incorrect, it is his or her role to correct it or inform the higher authorities about the same.

2. Site Investigation – It is the role of a civil concrete engineer to make sure that the foundation of the site is strong enough. The entire weight of the building or the bridge falls upon the foundation. To construct a good building, the foundation is the first thing to focus on. Sometimes, the kind of soil present on the site makes the land unsuitable for construction. Thus, a civil concrete engineer must be sure about the foundation of the site.

3. Communication – The engineer should be able to communicate clearly with the team. The engineer is not the only person responsible for the building. So, the engineer should be clear about the ideas and be able to freely communicate it to the other engineers and project manager for a better understanding.


Civil Concrete

Personal Qualities Required To Becoming A Civil Construct Engineer:

1. The person needs to be innovative

2. The person should be able to enjoy his work and able to apply the correct principles of engineering

3. The person should be decisive. The individual should be able to take decisions and be firm about it because often there will be people who will question the decision taken. 

4. The person should be honest and should be a man of values who knows the importance of the work. Corruption and malpractices often cause death because unsafe buildings are declared as safe. Value of work is indeed important in this regard. 

Civil concrete engineers are an important part of our society. Without their contributions, the earth would not look the way it is today. Their qualities and education set them apart from others and one should be honest to their work.  The value of work and the sense of responsibility should be a n indispensable part of a civil concrete engineer.

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