Enhance the Charm of your Place by Using Versatile Staircase Designs


The property of an individual whether its home or office is the most significant investment for a lifetime. Everyone wants to have different things for themselves. The integral part of any place that increases one more level is the staircase. They are as old as the architecture of the home or office. The staircase designs also increase or decrease the beauty of the place. Most of the new destination includes staircases. While remodeling your house, you will definitely search for the best type of staircases that will best suit your structure as well as your taste. There are various types of staircases with their own pros and cons. You should be careful and also particular about them and select the best that suits your needs.

Let’s have a look at some types of staircase designs:

  1. Straight and simple: A straight staircase is one of the most common staircase designs which is also very much affordable. While installing a straight-line staircase design, you just need to attach it at the top and the bottom without any special support.

Installing handrails and railings is easy in straight staircases. Also, there are differences of the straight staircase that consist of the open riser, metal cable railing, and modern materials that magnificently alter the look. But the only drawback is that, it can take up greater amount of linear space that can affect your entire design.

  1. L-Shaped Stairs: It is another conventional staircase design that is straight with a turn, which can be either at the middle of the staircase or close to the end.  L- Shaped designs are among those staircase designs that are attracting people for ample of reasons. Although they are not so appealing in looks, the best thing in them is that they tend up to take less space and can be used from the center of the room. You can also hold and stop for a moment while getting down the stairs. They are complex, so it is not easy for everyone to design this staircase.

  2. Arched type Staircase: This type of staircase is one of those staircase designs that are meant to make place elegant, and it gives a royal look to the place. As it is an arched form, treads are very integral as well as prominent.



The fascinating appearance makes the place graceful from the entryways and immediately attracts the eyes of the visitors. It can become a centerpiece or gives the first impression to the visitors. It is most challenging to create a plan according to the curves.

  1. Winder Stairs: Winder stairs are more like L-shaped staircase; the difference is of landing. These types of staircases are often found in older residences rather than contemporary homes. They are continuous that takes wedge shape while taking a turn. They throw caution to the wind. It can be either 90 or 180 degrees. The rotation is very much eye-catching for the viewers. This staircase produces a smooth and gentle transition. This is very scheduled from one level to another.? Because of the trend of smaller and sustainable homes, these staircases are seeing renewal in their popularity. This is one of those types of staircase designs that needs less space but will be created after accurate planning and calculations.

  2. U-Shaped Staircases: U-Shaped staircase designs generally have two flights of stairs that will go in opposite directions. They always land at the switchback. These are also more visually beautiful than a straight staircase. They are very much handy for a corner design and also occupy less linear floor space. The drawback that we may face with these staircases is while moving larger pieces of furniture upstairs.



  1. The Spiral shape It is suitable for lesser spaces; spiral staircases are taken as a new style. In this, stairs have one central place to which all subsequent steps are connected, as they are spiral upward through a space in the floor above. They require a very small amount of space and so they are mostly used in compact city dwellings and beach houses.


If anyone wants to have a suitable staircase, then they must owe relevant information about them to make the place more beautiful and fascinating by adding the stairs of various designs.

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