Engineered Wood Flooring: Advantages and Disadvantages

Modern design has come up with an alternative for preserving natural tree resources by opting not to use hardwood. For the past few years, engineered wood has become increasingly popular as a flooring material. The majority of architecture experts recommend the use of this material.

Engineered wood flooring is common type of flooring. Many companies offer this type of flooring because of the many advantages that it offers. In addition to locating a good flooring company, making sure to select the right material for your floor is also important. Here are 6 advantages and disadvantages of engineered wood flooring.

1. It Looks Great

Engineered wood flooring is not like common hardwood flooring because it is made from several layers. Engineered wood flooring looks much smoother than hardwood flooring and many people select this option because it looks great.

2. Won't Expand

Unlike other types of flooring, engineered wood flooring won't expand with changes in the climate.

3. Affordable

Engineered wood flooring is typically chosen by homeowners because it is affordable. In addition, it is also easier to install than hardwood flooring.

4. Little Maintenance is Required

Engineered wood flooring does not need to be waxed as often as hardwood flooring. However, regular waxing is recommended.

5. Shorter Lifespan

When it comes to the lifespan of engineered wood flooring, it doesn't tend to last as long as hardwood flooring. However, it may last for several decades.

6. Not As Eco-Friendly

Engineered wood flooring tends to not be as eco-friendly as other types of flooring because glue and other materials that are harmful to the environment may be used.

Engineered wood might not be the right option for every home. However, for many homeowners, it can provide a cost-effective, good-looking option for new flooring.

If you would like to consider engineered wood flooring for your home, a flooring contractor can help. Click here to get free quotes today!

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