How to Handle Do-It-Yourself Roofing Repairs at Home?


An unhealthy or a leaky roof can be fatal if not treated properly and within time. The damaged roof may have many consequences and may require a quick action to fix it. The reason for the damage could be anything and the root of the problem might be difficult to find out. Repairing a roof is not at all a cake walk and in most cases, you will have to seek a professional’s help if you are not sure of what to do next. However, there are some cases when you can take things in your own hands and make it your day by repairing the roof for your family.


Tips for roofing repairs and situations

We have collected a few tips for roofing repairs and situations where you can fix the roof on your own and be done with it without calling the professionals and save up a good deal of money. Some such tips are discussed below:

  1. Dealing with shingles: Let’s start with one of the most common roofing repairs. A leak in the roof is what you find most of the times in your ceiling if the weather had been tough or the roof was not maintained properly. The most common reason for leakages could be damaged shingles or missing shingles due to storm or heavy rains. You might want to look beneath the shingles and look for leakages caused by pipelines and other water networks as well. If any damage is found, replace the shingles or the pipelines with the new one and make sure to fix the shingles back properly so that no gaps are left. 

  2. How to fix a caulk: There are cases when the leakage might not come in because of the pipes of any chimney. The leakage may be coming in through the water collected by the dormer window and due to a dislocated caulk, the water leaking inside. Roofing repairs for such situations can be done by using a putty knife and checking if the caulks are intact. If not, you will have to take it out and replace it with a new one and fix it properly so that no space is left for water to penetrate inside. Another thing to take care of is the siding panels that you use in the dormer window. Sometimes, these panels could be missing from the position through which a lot of water may get inside.

  3. Come up with a roofing plan for water leakages: The water leakages which are not very small and may lead to bigger damages in the future cannot and should not be controlled by sealants. Using them would just give you a temporary solution and would not be able to help if the situation worsens. Roofing repairs for big leakages need to take place by coming up with a mechanical plan of how would the water flow and from where. The entire system of water coming onto the roof and falling down or going into the storage should be perfectly planned out so no other problem arises. For small spaces that are left behind can be fixed by using sealants like caulks and putty.

  4. Take care of the flashing: Flashing is the material which is used at the corners of chimneys, skylights, and windows which prevents any leakage or gaps from where the water might penetrate. While going about roofing repairs by yourself, take good care of the flashing and make sure to replace it if damaged by any chance.

Roofing repairs can be fun and easy if you know your deal. Take care of all the points mentioned above so that the leakages could be handled easily.

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