Difference between Australian and American Barn Style Sheds


A barn refers to an umbrella-like shed that is popular on rural properties all around the world. The most common ones are American barn style sheds and Australian (Aussie) barn style shed. Both of them are although similar in some aspects, yet they do have some distinctive differences. However, it does not mean that the design of one is superior to the other. It is so because the design of a barn solely depends upon its use and functionality. It is the individual owner who can design a barn according to his or her needs and preferences.

Listed below are some clear differences between an Australian and American barn style sheds:

  • There is a distinctive raised central breezeway along with a vertical drop in between the main structure and two of the symmetrical side awnings in case of American barn style sheds. As compared to its Aussie counterpart, this central bay along with the dropped roofline is quite high and wide. It leads to the creation of a more visually complex as well as appealing exterior which lends itself to an enhanced functionality option and versatile storage. They are generally 20 degrees high at the centre and have 7.5-degree awnings at either side. The American barn style sheds can accommodate horse floats and caravans on its higher central breezeway, and because of this, it acts as an ideal solution for involving horses. Such barns can be customized and designed for stabling.

  • American barn style sheds if furnished with mezzanine flooring offer more versatile and expansive space for storage and work. This mezzanine floor can be expanded towards the exterior of the barn that creates an undercover balcony for increased functionality and improved aesthetics. The Aussie barn does not have a drop in the roofline, although it does have a high-pitched central bay with closed awnings on each of its adjacent sides.

  • Both the designs are useful for a wide range of purposes that includes safe and secure storage of different farm equipment, livestock, and vehicles. They can also be used as a space for work, store horses or to pursue any hobby. Both of the American barn style sheds, and Australian one has the advantage of being customized to suit the preferences and budget of the owner.

Aussie barns also offer similar functionality, flexibility, and versatility like that of an American barn style sheds, but the only difference is that the former ones tend to be a resemblance of a classic Australian colonial farm building. With the option of separating different areas of the barn by the installation of internal walls, the Aussie barns are the best solution to store big farm machinery. The internal space can also be maximized in case of Aussie barns.

While the American barn style sheds are more complex and interesting to look as compared to the Australian style barn, the latter has a simpler and more modest look. Both the barns consist of three segments, but while the American barn style sheds have a raised roof, the Australian one is flat. Both have the advantage of being customized according to one’s wishes.

Whichever type of barn you choose make sure that they are strong enough to withstand any climatic condition and meet your expectations.

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