Current Trends in Kitchen Remodelling  


Although a bit costly and time-consuming at the beginning, kitchen redesign projects are worth their while in the end. It’s easy to see why kitchen remodelling is one of the most discussed topics in interior design and home improvement online communities. And since the kitchen is easily one of the most important areas in every home, let’s find out what remodelling options are trending today.

Small changes for big differences

Rather than doing a total remodel, sometimes the only thing you need is to swap out bar stools and pendant lights, as well as replace a cabinet of choice with open shelving. If BoHo is what you’re looking for, give it some organic touches and make it warmer and more alive. Whenever in doubt whether to go for a full remodel or a quick update, ask yourself if you’re looking for function or aesthetics. If it’s function you want, you can rarely escape the remodel, but if you only need fresh looks, you can get away with a few design elements swapped for trendier choices.   

Not changing the layout

In order to save money, many kitchen designers recommend leaving the appliances and plumbing where they are. As a rule of a thumb, you’ll need to add another $5,000 each time you move a section of plumbing or relocate an appliance. While home improvement programmes and magazines make changing your kitchen layout a breeze, the reality is much more complicated. While your budget will have the final word on how much you can experiment with the layout, don’t estimate the cost of relocating plumbing and appliances on your own. If needed, talk to multiple designers and see whose quote comes near to the realistic idea of the final cost.

Include contrasting colours

By using contrasting colours on walls, counters, and flows, you broaden the depth perception and provide a clear line of sight when working in the kitchen. Unless you’re an avid fan of the monochrome look, choosing contrasting colours can add a huge amount of visual interest to your kitchen. One way to do it is to consider polyurethane kitchens, as those by Evic. Available in several deep gloss finishes and using the world’s most sophisticated colour matching system, these polyurethane coatings provide a huge working temperature range and unmatched durability, which makes them ideal for cabinets and countertops.

Invest in the backsplash

An interesting backsplash will draw an eye with ease and make an excellent focal point. If your kitchen ceiling is no higher than 8 feet, you can take the backsplash tile all the way to it, as it is the case in many older homes. This vertical tile surface creates a visual height and a dramatic polished look, since there’s no brake where tile meets the drywall. When compared to the entire cost of the project, this detail provides much interest for minimal cost.

Your preferences matter

Before you start with the remodel, make sure you have a good plan that ensures that the result meets your needs. As you keep yourself busy in the kitchen, take the 12 steps through your cooking routine, asking questions like: Do I need high-end appliances? Is gas better than electric? Do I use the oven much? Does it need a more powerful ventilation hood? Do I have easy access to knives and other utensils while I cook, etc.? Make notes on any details or annoyances you encounter in your current space and adjust your plan to take care of them.

With kitchen remodels, it’s often difficult to complete the project in the right way. Looking forward to your new dream kitchen, these five tips are failsafe tools that work for any kitchen remodelling scenario.


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