Create the Best Home Office With These Five Steps

Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels

Get ready to have some fun, be motivated and experience phenomenal creativity because you're going to design the best possible way to build a suitable home office. You're going to create a room that draws you near it, even if you don't need to work at the moment. It's going to be your "go to" room to escape. When you love your home office this much, work will be a breeze. Let's get started.

1. What You Want and Need

It's time to think of your perfect office. Forget color schemes or fabrics for the moment. Right now, focus on what you'll need most to get your work done easily and efficiently. It might include a new laptop, paperclips galore or a variety of gadgets. Think about how you like to do your work. Consider whether you like a plush chair to sit in and recline, like to stand or sit on the floor to do work. There are no rules to how you need to do your work, so get into what makes you feel most comfortable. If you're big on coffee, get a fancy coffee maker. Enjoy your cup of liquid motivation from the best mugs.

2. Colors

The colors in your home office are going to influence how well you think, how you feel and whether you problem solve easily. That's a scary thing to think about when you realize how many colors there are. Fear not. You have a few basic colors and many shades of these colors. What you're looking for is which color grouping brings out the best in you. A way to determine this is to think about where you are happiest. If this is by the ocean, colors of sand, blue-green water and palm trees might help you to feel calm, focused and optimistic. These colors will promote creativity. If you remember a French bistro you loved frequenting, your office might take on an equal combination of shades of white, dark browns, blues and caramel. Don't be afraid of accent touches to increase the effect, like a mosaic tile table to do your work on.

3. Sounds

Sound has a profound effect on you as well. Fill your home office with sounds that make you happy and help to calm you. If you enjoy the sound of trickling water, get a small fountain you can keep on a shelf or on your desk. You can get a larger one that produces a waterfall effect. Adding water to your home office will help to calm you and clean the air simultaneously. Windchimes can produce nice sounds. At times, a simple fan provides a background of gentle, white noise that can help you focus and block out exterior noise.

4. Think of Efficiency

Despite wanting to be relaxed, you do need to be about work, mind deadlines to some extent and keep files. Whether you need document management software or something to keep your time, doing so will help you to calmly stay on top of things. Keep a timer on your desk and a clock on your wall to keep track of time. Organize your office in a manner that it will promote efficiency. Keep everything you need in the place you need it. You might not want to clutter your desk because an organized work desk helps to increase creativity. You can place the items you need frequently on the wall or shelf next to your desk.

5. Your Personal Touch

It's time to add your personality to your home office. Think of all the fun, quirky stuff that makes you giggle and appreciate who you are because you're going to incorporate this into your design. For example, if you're kind of geeky and love a variety of color, consider making pen and paper clip trays out of Legos. Consider using a Nintendo Super Mario Brothers pipe mug to hold your pens. It's your office. Include the things you like in it to help make you feel happier.

Your office is going to be amazing when you're finished with it. It's always fun to dream, but it's more fun to make your dream a reality. Have fun creating your office.

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