Common Home Heating Myths Debunked


The thermostat is one of the most common battlegrounds in the average home, especially during winter months. In addition to haggling over the appropriate temperature to ensure everyone’s comfort when the weather turns frigid, there’s also the matter of keeping utility bills affordable.

However, many of the arguments that arise from the use of your home’s heating system rely on bad information. There are so many myths surrounding the proper use of your furnace that it’s possible you may be doing more harm than good when you use it.

For example, one common misconception is that you’ll save money by markedly turning down your heat when you’re not home. The truth is that your system has to work so hard to return the temperature to normal that you’ll end up spending even more on your gas or electricity.

That’s not to mention the risk of overworking the equipment and potentially suffering a breakdown when it would be most inconvenient. A better idea is to set your thermostat only a degree or two lower when you’re away so it won’t have to work as hard when you return.

Another mistake many people make is waiting until there’s a problem to have their heating system serviced. Even if everything seems fine, you should have a professional perform a tune-up every year to help your system run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Don’t let misinformation keep you from enjoying a dependable and high-performing heating system this winter. The accompanying infographic offers seven of the most pervasive heating myths and how they could be hurting your HVAC system as well as your pocketbook.


7 Common Home Heating Myths Debunked created by Logan AC & Heat Services.

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