Chic Kitchen Décor: Elevate Your Home Easily


It’s hard to imagine that the kitchen was once nothing more than an area for preparing meals. Nowadays, it’s the heart of a home, a place for entertainment and family gatherings. Thus, kitchen design bears great importance and it can boost a home’s value significantly. It’s no wonder that there’s a world of inspiring décor ideas that can truly bring your entire home design to a higher level.

Spice up your neutrals

Neutral kitchens have always been a classic choice that provides a home with a timeless appeal. All-white designs, in particular, are considered to be an emblem of elegance. However, there’s more to a neutral colour scheme than white and beige. Soft and warm greys, light khaki hues, creamy shades and taupe tones are all sophisticated options that can bring warmth and style to your kitchen. Combining different neutral colours will enable you to create a rich, subtle look with a chic flair.

Add a touch of black

Regardless of such great popularity of neutrals, black still has a special place in the modern kitchen. It can be used as a bold statement or a strong alternative to neutrals. Commonly, black accent features are a great addition to a neutral kitchen, ranging from black appliances and furniture to decorative details and fixtures. Stainless appliances with a matte black finish are a hot trend for 2018, so consider welcoming it to your kitchen. Introducing black to a neutral kitchen will enable you to create a stylish contrast and visual interest, giving your neutral kitchen design a truly authentic look.  

Quartz up your countertops

With its high-end appeal, quartz is a prime example of sophistication in the kitchen. Not only is it infinitely glamorous, but it’s also durable and easy to maintain, which makes it perfect for the kitchen. Quartz countertops come in many colours and styles with unique patterns, so you’ll easily find a design that fits in your kitchen. If you’ve always wanted marble, you can even find quartz that resembles marble yet requires less maintenance and is more affordable.

Update and display your kitchenware

Sometimes a simple update can make a big difference in home décor. In the kitchen, something as simple as updating your kitchenware can introduce a sense of novelty to your space. For instance, you can install open shelves and decorate them with elegant Wedgwood kitchenware, luxurious ceramic sets that will certainly elevate your kitchen décor. From chic teapots and teacups to colourful floral plates, kitchen accessories displayed on a shelf can be transformed into a stunning focal point on an empty wall.

Design a banquette seating layout

A banquette seating arrangement dates back to the 80s, but it has made a huge comeback in 2018. Of course, today’s banquette seating has a modern twist, especially in terms of materials and subtle designs. Unlike the banquettes from the 80s, this type of seating doesn’t feature ornate details, but rather embraces a simpler look. You can install a banquette in the corner of your kitchen and make it comfortable with soft upholstery or lovely cushions. Not only will it style up your kitchen, but it will also boost its functionality as it doesn’t take up too much space.

Pattern up your tiles

Tiles have found a wide application in the modern kitchen. You can use them as a stunning backsplash or as a flooring option, but make sure to pick patterns. In particular, patterned tile flooring can help you give your kitchen a stunning, dramatic look, especially when set against a neutral backdrop. When it comes to tile backsplash ideas, personalised handmade designs are used to give a unique character to a kitchen. You can find them in a range of different finishes, including matte, metallic, satin, gloss and crackled, so follow your creativity.

Introduce a lovely rug

There’s always room for chic area rugs, so make sure to introduce one to your kitchen. A long runner rug can be placed next to your kitchen island, creating a layered look in your kitchen. Vintage rug designs are particularly popular in 2018 due to their unique antique appeal. Area rugs are beautiful décor accessories because they can fill your kitchen with playful patterns or vibrant colours. If you opt for a subtle, monochromatic rug design, you can let texture come into focus.  

From subtle, elegant and neutral to personalised, colourful and bold, kitchen design ideas are truly inspiring. Not only will they introduce a sense of novelty to your kitchen, but they will also elevate your overall home décor.

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