Ceramic Tile Versus Porcelain Tile: Which Is Better

When it comes to selecting the right flooring material, there are many different options to choose from. Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are often among the top choices. However, which option is better. Here are some basic facts regarding both porcelain and ceramic tiles that should help you to make the decision.

Design and Size Options

Porcelain tiles come in a greater range of sizes and they tend to be more durable than ceramic tiles. These properties mean that porcelain tiles can be cut to match the exact specification of the customer. If you are planning to use the tile for a mosaic or other intricate design, porcelain tiles are the recommended option.

Use Ceramic Tiles for Larger Spaces

When it comes to larger spaces, ceramic tiles are often a better option because they are easy to install and are affordable. For rooms such as a kitchen or main living area, ceramic tiles can provide an affordable option for decorating a space. When it comes to larger spaces, porcelain tiles are not recommended because of the costs.

Porcelain Tiles Are Better for Colder Climates

When it comes to tile projects in homes in colder climates, more freezing and thawing can occur which can lead to cracks and weak places over time. In areas where it is colder, porcelain tiles can provide better results because they can better resist damage due to cracking. Also, porcelain absorbs moisture at a lower rate than ceramic. Therefore, porcelain is also a better option in damp climates.

Ceramic tiles are more porous, meaning that it is easier for them to hold water and moisture. While ceramic tiles might not do well outdoors in such conditions, ceramic tiles tend to do just fine when placed in indoor settings that don't experience much humidity or temperature variations.

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