Bringing Your Old Furniture to Its Former Glory


For some, furniture is not just functional pieces we put in our homes to serve a purpose. It actually represents a piece of family history – especially if we’re talking about particularly old, valuable pieces that are basically considered family heirlooms. On the other hand, there are people who value that vintage vibe and prefer going for original pieces instead of contemporary copies.

However, old furniture pieces – while undoubtedly beautiful – more often than not exhibit some significant wear and tear. That’s when the majority of people are faced with a decision whether to get rid of the said piece or see how they can bring some of that old glory back to it. Here, we’ll explore some of the ways you can make your old piece of furniture shine once more.

Assess the situation

Before you get down to deciding, you should first assess the state the piece is in, your options as well as the end result you wish to achieve. It’s also important to mention that the type of furniture you are looking to refurbish will also determine the way in which you wish to approach the matter. For instance, if you’re looking to reupholster a simple ottoman seat you will have significantly less work than if you were, for instance, to refurbish an entire vintage wardrobe. Alternatively, a simple thorough scrub and a fresh coat of lacquer and paint won’t require the same amount of time as it would to completely strip the piece of its previous protective layers and apply new ones. 

Simple touch-ups you can do yourself

As mentioned, there are certain projects you can choose to do yourself when it comes to refurbishing old furniture pieces. For instance, changing the upholstered part on your dining room chair is usually not too difficult. If you approach this task with enough precision and care, you should be able to get it done on your own without necessarily spending too much time.

Similarly, if you’remore looking to repurpose rather than refurbish an old piece of wooden furniture, you can choose to embark on this DIY project as well, but it will require significantly more time and skill. First, you will need to make sure you have all the right tools and sand down the piece to get rid of all the previous treatments. Then, you need to clean the piece thoroughly so that the new layers you plan on applying to it have a good surface to stick to. Finally, treat it as intended and make sure you seal everything in with a protective coat of some sorts. 

Upgrades better left to professionals

On the other hand, there are certain instances where trying to manage things on your own can easily cause more damage than good. If you, for instance, own a particularly old furniture piece that’s elaborate in its design, choosing to approach the project of refurbishing it on your own may lead to damaging the piece beyond repair. 

That’s precisely why you should consider expert furniture repairs if you have a piece that’s particularly valuable to you. These experts know how to approach any piece, be it upholstered, leather modern or vintage. This way, you will ensure that your treasured furniture piece is in reliable hands that will know how to restore its previous shine without causing any damage to it.

Make sure you have the right budget

Finally, no matter if you’re looking to DIY your furniture refurbishing project or you’re looking for some expert help, you need to make sure you have enough funds to see this project through. If you are DIYing, you will need to obtain all the right tools, materials and equipment for the job and you need to make sure you have enough space and time to do it.

On the other hand, if you’re choosing to hire professionals for this task, not only will you need to do some research and make sure you find the right ones but you’ll also need to ensure that you can pay for their services. These can range anywhere from highly-affordable to very steep, of course, depending on the type of furniture and the scope of the project at hand.

If you have any old furniture pieces you wish to bring to its former glory, there are a couple of ways you can choose to do so. No matter if you’re choosing to take care of this project yourself or if you’re looking for some expert help, make sure you do your research and find a solution that works best for you.

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