Best Shower Screens Designs for A Stylish Bathroom

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

A shower screen is perhaps the best way to add a stylish look to your bathroom.  All one needs to do is browse some of the best shower screens designs that are available in a wide range of stylish looks to make their bathroom look brand new. There is no need to go in for a complete bathroom renovation, as there are several advantages of just using the shower screens.

Why Add A Glass Shower Screen?

It is an important decision to consider whether one should go in for the shower screens. Well, here are some excellent reasons why you should consider adding a glass shower screen in your bathroom.

  • For A More Attractive Bathroom- Having a Glass shower screen adds a look of class and modernity within the bathroom. The bathroom space looks sleek and chic by just adding an enclosure that fits within the space and design.

  • The Capacity for Customisation- As the best shower screens designs come in a wide range of sizes and designs, one should take advantage of these to get a custom solution for their bathroom. The space of your bathroom matters a lot.

  • Much More Durable – The glass shower screens are shattered and scratch resistant and thus create a secure enclosure within the bathroom. Typically, the glass is much stronger than the frame or any other hardware sued in the bathroom.

  • Lower Maintenance- It is easy to maintain the glass shower screens and all you need is regular soap and water solution to clean the glass. Appropriate cleaning lowers the risks of any damage or replacement.

  • Add to The Value of The Home – A modern bathroom with stylish accessories is always welcome and entices potential home buyers. They not only add elegance to the bathroom but also raise the real estate market value of the home.



Different and Best Shower Screens Designs

When you start looking, you will come across different shower screens for the bathroom. One can pick form them based on their needs and preferences.

  • Framed Shower Screens – The framed screens are made of glass and supported by an aluminium frame. As they come in different sizes and configurations, they are just perfect for any bathroom of any size.

  • Frameless Shower Screens – Another of the most popular and best shower screens designs are the frameless screens that look minimalistic and sleek because of the absence of any frame. These are the right choice where the bathroom size is small.

  • Semi-Frame Shower Screens – These shower screens carry a more subtle frame and look sleek and sophisticated, almost like the frameless shower screens.

  • Pivot Door Shower Screens – These traditional shower screens open on a central point and rotate at that location. These screens are available in a range of designs and are an ideal choice where there is ample bathroom space. The choice will leave you completely confused.



  • Sliding Door Shower Screens – Another of the best shower screens designs are the sliding door screens. These are the practical choice where space is a constraint as the doors save immense space.

  • Quadrant Shower Screens- These shower screens are specially designed to fit the corner of the bathroom. These are again a great space-saving option for the smaller bathroom as they can be fitted in the corner and come with sliding doors.

  • Bi-Fold Door Shower Screens- Another great choice is the Bi-fold Door shower screens that look stylish and are practical as well. What makes them more attractive is their sleek and attractive opening mechanism.

Go ahead and pick from any of the best shower screens designs that suit your preferences, budget, and needs. Regardless of the kind of shower screen you opt for, just ensure that you go for the quality. Do not compromise on the look, quality, and safety when it comes to shower screens.

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