Benefits of using a Software for Real Estate Marketing


There are many advantages to using real marketing software to obtain motivated seller leads. Efficient software can reduce the effort substantially. This type of property management software is usually rich in features and allow one to manage contacts, generate strategic maps and stay connected with the right people.

Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 33% of people find their house using a real estate agent.

  • 75% of home sellers are first-time home sellers.

  • A high percentage of people find their real-estate agent via a referral.

  • On average it takes two weeks to find an agent and approximately ten weeks to buy a house.

  • As per a study in 2017, 44% of buyers begin their search for a property online while 17% contact a real-estate agent as their first step.

  • 16% of real-estate agents in 2017 listed their homes online, while in 2016 was 12%.

Advantages of using a Software

  • Integrates all aspects of Real Estate Management:

Real estate management involves a wide range of elements from many different sources and integrates it in one software. It consists of detailed information about a property like a name, address and property issues. It also has the ability to pinpoint a suitable property and provide a relevant list using a powerful search tool. Such tools are able to integrate intelligent analysis and a CRM to make contacting relevant people a breeze. It has the ability to consolidate information from various sources and offer single point access to all that information.

  • Provides reporting and analysis features:

It has the ability to generate reports after an in-depth analysis and shows pending tasks as well. The reports provide extensive feedback and assess the effectiveness of each medium of marketing.

  • Offers instant insight into the market state:

Company insight is very valuable. It helps one gauge all high performing areas of a firm and the successful strategies as well. It is not easy to obtain such parameters and would ideally take complex calculations, however, these statistics are visible at a click of a button via software.

  • Enables Market Automation:

This kind of software provides a high level of automation which helps develop growth strategies. Such strategies are critical to be able to maintain regular contact with all the right people. Automation of contact relation management (CRM) for real estate marketing software is vital for any business.

  • Remain better Organized:

This type of software helps integrate workflow process, the contact relationship management section (CRM), updating and listing, tracking, scheduling and automating tasks. It is one of the easiest methods of organizing all aspects of real estate marketing. Being organized is the first step when one is set out to find motivated sellers.

  • Eases contact management and communication:

It makes the process of managing contact information of all clients and contacting them very easy. All relevant information regarding property and client personal details are linked. It acts like a contact relationship manager (CRM) which can also be automated. Thus, the process of sending birthday, anniversary wishes is easier to manage.

  • Takes advantage of Social Media:

Social media is a good medium for establishing a brand name and real estate marketing. Being active on social media helps increase traffic and generates more customers inquires as well. It is necessary to make use of social media to obtain motivated seller leads. In fact, firms who are actively involved in social media are able to convert a larger number of online leads into buyers. The right software makes social media search data more effective.

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